Group Buy – Ambitious Nibs – Round 2 (March – April, 2016)

This is a 2nd round of group buy for Ambitious Nibs after successful completion of first round in 2015 at Fountain Pen Network :  LINK

The group buy is already active at fountain pen network. Below is the link

Group Buy – Ambitious Nibs – Round 2 – Year 2016

You can either register at link shared above or simply reply to the post below with your choice. Price and Nib availability is given at bottom.


Below are the images of the nibs

From Left to Right – 40 mm Gold Finish Steel Nib, 35 mm Chrome Finish Steel Nib, 35 mm Chrome Finish Flex Nib, #5 Fine Stub Nib, #5 Italic Nib



This time again I will be sending few complimentary nibs like the last time. Image below shows the nibs from the last round.

Nibs From last round order




Below are the few link of my pen reviews with ambitious nibs:

ASA Rainbow

ASA Rainbow - Nib Unit angled view
ASA Rainbow – Ambitious Nib 35 mm


ASA Porus

ASA Porus - Section Closeup
ASA Porus – Ambitious 40 mm




Wality 71JT with Ambitious Nib replacement
Wality 71JT with Ambitious 35 mm


Apart from above pen reviews there are the links below by fellow fountain pen user and their review about the nibs:






And the prices are as follows:

Chrome finish #6 Fine-Med nib –  US $ 1.75
Gold tone #8 Med (40 mm) Nib –  US $ 2.00
Dual tone #6 Fine-Med nib –  US $ 1.85
Chrome Finish Flex  #6 nib- US $ 2.60
Chrome Finish Flex #5 nib –  US $ 2.15 

Minimum quantity for each is 4 nos.

Shipping and Packaging Charges extra at flat 5 USD  via registered post which takes 14 to 30 days. EMS also available, PM me for shipping charges for EMS.

For shipping within India kindly PM me for prices including shipping.

Last date to register will be 15 April.


2 thoughts on “Group Buy – Ambitious Nibs – Round 2 (March – April, 2016)

  1. Hello I am big follower of your blog and really like your reviews. I would like to buy 4 nos. each of 35 mm chrome Fine, Dual tone fine, 35 mm Flex. I am living in Bangalore, please let me know the price along with the shipping. Thanks a lot foe your efforts.


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