My name is Vaibhav Mehandiratta [ˈʋɛːbʱʋ] . 

I am an Architect by profession. Married to a beautiful girl Abhi Sharma. And I thank her for all the support and push that she has given me for following my passions.

This blog is my love for fountain pens, paper and inks and their respective reviews and my general comments. I started collecting the pens, erasers and stationary at an early age of 12 and usually used get scolded for the same for parents on collecting all these things and never using them. But now, all grown up , and with bit of funds I have started collecting arsenal of fountain pens I have, I recently thought of blogging about the same. So here I am on a new journey which will last complete lifetime.

Cheers & Keep Writing

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  1. Hi, i think, i have a topic you might be interested in.

    What if there was a fountain pen search, that was created and constantly updated by the fp-community?
    What if due to this, all brands could be shown on that website since it’s not dependent on what a certain store sells?

    This is what i am working to create!
    Right now, the website has ~765 fountain pens, which is “just” a little bit more than what gouletpens offers… I want to put in way more pens though, letting people find a pen with whatever criteria they are looking for!

    I’d be really interested in what you think about the website: https://www.fpfinder.com/ (=fountain pen finder)!
    (if this is not a thing you want to blog about (which i would understand, it’s an unusual topic), i’d still be really interested in hearing back from you what you think about this in private)


    Florian Thaler


  2. Hello Vaibhav,
    Great job with reviews!
    It brings in confidence in ordinary people like me to look at the beauty of fountain pens and its technical reasons for its quality and price.
    I am starting with fountain pens and have been gifted with 2 jinhao x750.
    I would like to ask you if using Parker Quink ink a good idea on those? or could you suggest any please?
    Thank you much in advance,


  3. Hi Vaibhav,
    I have sent you a mail requesting your expert opinion about Indian made fountain pens.
    Could you please respond ?


  4. Hi Vaibhav
    I just saw your post for Mega Group Buy 2 – Ranga Pens – Feb 2018. I am based in Qatar and I need to know does the amount includes shipping to Qatar or not.
    Thank you so much in advance


  5. Hello vaibhav,
    I find your reviews very informative,
    I have been writting with fp’s for six years ,
    I was wondering whether your going to review pens on youtube,
    also I might create my own fp blog probably next year ,
    I wish you the best of luck,
    Regards FPG.
    P.S; could you review some diamine inks


  6. Hi Vaibhav, I was looking for some fountain pen ink reviews and landed on your blog. I must admit your passion for fountain pens is visible in every blog posts. With articulate reviews and crisp pictures your every post is pleasant to read. I am rekindling my school days hobby of fountain pens before your blog I never knew, that its a beautiful world (of fountain pens, inks etc) out there.
    Thanks for sharing your insights!
    Happy writing!!
    Will be waiting for more!!!


  7. Hi Vaibhav, Another pen enthusiast here who love to collect pens and use them however and wherever I can (spl in current day and age where keyboards and touchscreens are all around me). I found you from FPN forum. Thought to ask if you like to meet people in-person? (Of course, when I visit Delhi next time!)
    – Diwakar (JustVRod @ FPN)


  8. Hello Vaibhav,
    You have an exceptional blog. Beautiful pictures and great effort. I am a pen enthusiast. Could you review the Hero Pens, the semi-hooded ones (330, 332, 336, 329 & 343)?



  9. Hi Vaibhav,
    Its great to know a fellow fountain pen lover, but i must say your blogs do show the passion you have for them. Commendable work to help spread the love and knowledge of fountain pens.

    Keep posting.



  10. Hi Vaibhav,

    I was presently surprised to have stumbled upon you blog. I share the same passion for anything fountain pens and writing materials and presently building up a small collections.
    Had some queries:
    Do you know any where one can get Noodlers Ahab in Gurgaon/ India

    I was excited by your review of Ranga 4C. Was not aware about Indian Handcrafted pens. Wanted to know if the Dual Tone JoWo 1.5 Calligraphy stub which you reviewed is a flexi nib for calligraphy or a standard italic nib.

    I have been trying a Jinhao 886. Somehow I love this pen compared to other expensive brands I have tried. But I have problem I tried atleast two pieces which had the same problem that the ink did not flow automatically, normally after uncapping every time. I needed to be shaken or jerked to start.. Where do you get these in Gurgaon.

    Lastly do you have pen club sort of thing in Gurgaon. If so can a noobie like me join



    • Thanks for the follow…
      I don’t think AHAB is available in Delhi.. It is though made in India..

      The calligraphy nib is stub firm nib and not the flex one..
      Jinhao 886 is a Chinese pen… And inexpensive and lack quality control.. It also sometimes depends on ink.. Try changing ink..

      Please pm me on my email address I will connect on the main telegram club..


  11. Hey Vaibhav, I came across your blog while researching which fountain pen to buy next. Currently I own a couple of Parker Vectors and Platinum Preppies. I like writing with fine nibs. Could you suggest a nice Indian fountain pen to buy next? Online shopping would be better for me. Thanks.


  12. Hi Vaibhav,

    I must say you have put together a lot of good reviews together in one place!

    I have recently gotten into fountain pens and discovered your blog while searching for reviews on the Pilot Custom 74. A nice and detailed review by you indeed. After trying many “starter” fountain pens like Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, Faber Castell Ambition etc., I was looking to get my first gold nib pen and hence the search for information. I have finally zeroed in on a Sailor Pro Gear with a MF nib.

    Would you be aware of any fountain pen clubs in/around Delhi NCR where members can share experiences and ask questions; for instance I was searching for information on importing pens to India but could not find specific and accurate information.

    Keep up the good work!

    Many Thanks,
    Dhruv Sharma.


    • Sailor is a good brand. However you must try it before you buy it.
      I have never been a Sailor fan of normal nibs.
      Only specialty nibs like Naginata or Nagahara nibs excite me.

      Yes there is a Telegram group of fountain pen club and we keep often meeting once a month.
      You can pm me your phone no. At my email address. I will share link


  13. Hi Vaibhav
    Could I ask you for some help, promoting my blog? Yours runs well, as I can see.
    How, would you say, could I entice people to comment? Comments tell me that I am on the right path, what people want to know through which I get inspiration for writing. I guess, it is a snowball effect, once it started it will progress.
    The other question is, how to invite readers to follow the blog. I have only 5 followers, which makes it hardly worth while to write a post.

    You know my blog. Any suggestion would be most appreciated


  14. Sir,

    I have been reading your blog for some time now and I really, enjoy it. Your handwriting is beautiful and the same can be said for your choice of colours.

    I would like to start using a fountain pen, so what would you recommend? (I don’t intend to collect and I live in Gujarat)
    Also, is Krishna brand ink available in Gujarat?

    Thank you, and keep up the good work.


    • First of all thank you for the compliment..
      Starting fountain pen I recommend would be Pilot Metropolitan or Lamy Safari amongst the non Indian pens…
      Amongst made in India pen I would recommend you ASA Daily with option of Schmidt Nib..

      Krishna Inks are available on ebay India and is available for shipping pan India


  15. Hi , I must say you are doing a great job to reignite the fountain pen hobby in India. Keep it up. Saw your review of Sarawati notepad. Thanks for that. Yes , we don’t get Rhodia, Clairfontain and Tomoe river in India, but came across beautiful notepad on Flipkart. It’s Fabriano from Italy. The paper is really good and they are absolutely worth for the money. They are my daily driver for cursive handwriting practices. They are available by cash on delivery also. Please try them and you won’t regret.

    Dr. Vikas Bargale


    • I was out of India so I decided that I will purchase ASA Pen when I get back.

      In the mean time I purchased a Jinhao X450, Hero 7022 (cheaper one) and I am waiting for Pilot 78G, Baoer 388 and a Yongsheng pen.

      I am really enjoying fountain pens, partly thanks your blog posts and reviews. I have found the Hero to be to my liking rather than the Jinhao and I suggest you try it (only equivalent of 200INR but probably cheaper due to lower shipping cost).

      Best wishes.


  16. Hey Vaibhav

    Great to come across your blog. I have myself picked up a love for fountain pens and have been following websites and literature by Goulet, SBrown, etc and then came across someone who is doing the same in India…and doing good.

    It would be good to know more about your collection and also on from where do you procure your pens and inks. I did import a couple of Twsbi pens but had to pay up lot of customs too. Then there are shops like pensavenue and pensindia


    • Hi Nikhil..
      Thank you so much for appreciation… I am humbled…
      Yes.. I would definitely share list of pens I currently own.. along with the inks and papers…
      Well I import lot of pens.. but I buy them as gifts as it avoids custom hassle…
      Also I am soon doing article of fountain pen shops in Delhi Series.. soon


  17. Great description and presentation!
    In one of the pen reviews, you have used Chelpark Turquoise Blue ink. Do you know where I can buy it from? I am having a hard time getting it in pune.


  18. Great effort Mr. Vaibhav,

    Your posts are really beautiful and informative.

    Best wishes for all your future endeavours.


    CA.Josekutty Jacob


  19. Hi, I shared your blog on a slack group set up by the pen addict (penaddict.com), it’s been well received. If interested in joining the growing community of pen fanatics contact Brad Dowdy to ask in (@dowdyism on Twitter).



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