Manoj Deshmukh @ Fosfor Pens – Get Well Soon.

One of my friends was recently trying to make a contact with Manoj Deshmukh of Fosfor Pens. And just a few minutes ago I got to know that he had a Heart Attack on 17th Feb and is now recovering. May god bless him with a speedy recovery. He is an amazing pen turner. I [...]


What Inks I bought in 2016 ?

Back in 2016, I created a wishlist of desired pens and inks that I planned to purchase. I did purchase lot of pens and inks apart from the wishlist. In this blog post, I will share the list of my ink purchases last year and let's see how close I stuck to my wishlist. I hope [...]

Happy Fountain Pen Day

Long Live the Fountain Pen

Pelikan Hub 2016 – India

Pelikan like last two years is again organising the Hub worldwide on September 16. Last year in India two cities were selected as Hub venue, Delhi and Mumbai. This year also Pelikan is giving us all chance to register ourselves for Hub. Minimum 7 people are required to register city as a Hub. Last year [...]

Wishlist – 2016

The new year comes with new resolutions and this year I have decided to make a resolution to list down the pens and inks that I will buy and nothing apart form that. In list of pens I want and will try to add this year are as below: Pelikan M800 -Burnt Orange - Medium [...]

Pelikan Hub 2015 : New Delhi & Mumbai

Pelikan has this year selected two cities in India as Pelikan Hub.  New Delhi being a new entrant and also Mumbai being the other. Pelikan Hub is meet where all are welcomed and it happens all around the world on the same date, making it one of a kind of a event. And an amazing initiative by none [...]