New Arrival – Lotus Shikhar

Indian Fountain Pen market has lately seen a lot of new entrants and among them, Lotus is one of them. They initially made a lot of prototypes before actually taking a plunge in the market.


Lotus Shikhar



Lotus Pens is based out of Mumbai and they make custom pens and handpainted pens also. They caught my eye with the simple looking elegant pen, Shikhar (seems to be inspired by Sailor KOP). And I approached them for buying one of the Shikhar’s as it comes in various ebonite options. Ebonite they use is Japanese Nikko ebonite.

So today I am showing the glimpse of the new pen that arrived a few days back.

comes in a faux Leather cover box which is protected by the cardboard sleeve


the pen comes with a velvet sleeve


Shout out to Tarun Durga for letting me write with his Lotus Shikhar which actually spurred me to get this beauty.


Below are the few more images of the pen and my pen comes with black JoWo Broad nib to match with the black coloured clip.


Shikhar in navy blue coloured Nikko ebonite




The review will be coming soon after I have had enough to say and write about this pen.




Vaibhav Mehandiratta



Back from HIATUS


And I am Back….. from a much-needed break or you can say Hiatus from this fountain pen hobby.


I have been running this blog for past now close to now 3 years and with total post numbering to 132. There has been a lot of love and appreciation given to me and it really has aspired me to become better and more responsible person. Thank you to all of the followers and supporters and especially the admin members of Fountain Pen Network.

Now, I have been away from this hobby for almost good 5 months and part of that is due to some personal reasons.

First, I have joined a new organization which apart from just Architectural Designing and Coordination takes up more of my time in imparting training and developing new courseware and doing a lot of research work. With the new job, I have climbed up a career ladder and thus more responsibilities (thanks to Almighty God).

Secondly, my new job involves a lot of traveling to a different Country where I can’t carry most of my pens and inks and also that Country has a restricted internet policy. I couldn’t access Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram….. the apps or websites I use most often.

And lastly, there was a demise of someone close to us in the Family. It was tough.

But now I am back with more determination and vigor and will take this moment to apologize to all of you who have been following my blog and who have asked me something and I have not been able to answer them in time. Also, I would like to apologize to pen fraternity in India who have sent me some ink samples and pen for review which I have not been able to do so. Thank you for showing your trust in me and my target is to catalog those pens and inks in forthcoming months.

So, yeah I have a lot of news for you. I have recently purchased a lot of stuff from my travels abroad and will share those here also. There will be few upcoming Giveaways that I will organize on my Blog and also on FPN.

Do follow my Instagram page small updates are also available there.

Thank you again for all of the love and appreciation. I can’t wait myself for the upcoming posts.

Do let me know if you have certain suggestions and recommendations that you want to see on this blog.



Vaibhav Mehandiratta



Manoj Deshmukh @ Fosfor Pens – Get Well Soon.

One of my friends was recently trying to make a contact with Manoj Deshmukh of Fosfor Pens. And just a few minutes ago I got to know that he had a Heart Attack on 17th Feb and is now recovering.

May god bless him with a speedy recovery. He is an amazing pen turner. I cannot wait to see him back on his feet and start turning pens.

For those who dont know Fosfor Pens. Here is a link to his website : link


He has turned a lot of pens for me and few images are as follows:

Fosfor Knight 


Fosfor – Custom Button Filler


Fosfor Vajeer


Islander 2
Fosfor Islander



Shoutout to Manoj: Wish you a speedy recovery, you are one of the best pen tuners of world and best in India. moreover you are the most kind pen maker I have come across.




What Inks I bought in 2016 ?

Back in 2016, I created a wishlist of desired pens and inks that I planned to purchase. I did purchase lot of pens and inks apart from the wishlist. In this blog post, I will share the list of my ink purchases last year and let’s see how close I stuck to my wishlist. I hope my wife doesn’t see this post.


First in the list are from Japanese manufacturer “Sailor“. I purchased following Sailor Inks and here I stuck to my wishlist as far as desired inks were concerned:

  1. Sailor Jentle 4 Seasons – DoYo
  2. Sailor Jentle 4 Seasons – Miruai
  3. Sailor Jentle 4 Seasons – Nio-Sumire
  4. Sailor Jentle 4 Seasons – Souten


Sailor Inks



Second in the list are the inks from german ink manufacturer “Montblanc” and these inks were not part of my wishlist. Inks I purchased were:

  1. Montblanc Golden Yellow
  2. MontBlanc Meisterstuck Blue Hour – Twilight Blue
  3. Montblanc William Shakespeare – Velvet Red



Montblanc Inks




Third in the list are the inks from Liverpool based ink manufacturer “Diamine” and the ink which was in my wishlist was not purchased rather I purchased the following inks

  1. Diamine Wagner
  2. Diamine Cornflower
  3. Diamine Pansy
  4. Diamine Bougainvillea
  5. Diamine Eau De Nil
  6. Diamine Majestic Blue
  7. Diamine Syrah
  8. Diamine Twilight
  9. Diamine Sunshine Yellow


Diamine Inks



Fourth in the list are the inks from an American Boutique ink manufacturer “Private Reserve” and again these inks were not part of my wishlist. Following are the list of the inks that I purchased:

  1. Private Reserve Blue Suede
  2. Private Reserve Sherwood Green
  3. Private Reserve Shoreline Gold



Private Reserve Inks




Fifth in the list is another German manufacturer “Graf von Faber-Castell“. I wanted this ink for a long time, however, I delayed buying this ink fro a long time and this was also not part of my wishlist of 2016.

  1. GvFC Hazelnut Brown


Graf von Faber-Castell Inks



Sixth in the list is Indian manufacturer “Sulekha”  which is quite elusive. One of fellow fountain pen user who was visiting Kolkata helped me in getting these inks and again these were not part of my wishlist. Inks are as follows:

  1. Sulekha Master Brown
  2. Sulekha Crystal Violet
  3. Sulekha Scarlet Red
  4. Sulekha Royal Blue
  5. Sulekha Executive Black
  6. Sulekha Turquoise Blue
  7. Sulekha Shocking Pink


Sulekha Inks


Seventh in the list is another ink manufacturer from India. Krishna Inks are made by Dr. Sreekumar and he is a one man show. These again were not part of my wishlist and I got following inks:

  1. Krishna Pomegranate
  2. Krishna Yellow Valley
  3. Krishna Rainforest
  4. Krishna Ochre
  5. Krishna Kot Massi
  6. Krishna Dark Chocolate
  7. Krishna Goldrush


Krishna Inks


Eighth in the list is a third German manufacturer “Kaweco“. I love both the inks that I purchased and are as follows:

  1. Kaweco Midnight Blue
  2. Kaweco Caramel Brown

Again these inks were not part of my wishlist.


Kaweco Inks



Ninth on the list one of my favorite these days “KWZ Inks“. These are handmade in Poland by husband and wife duo, Konrad and Agnieszka. They have almost 61 colors which include 21 Iron Gall inks. I purchased 12 inks last year few directly from Konrad and few from Fontoplumo. These again were not part of my wishlist and are as follows:

  1. KWZ IG Green #3
  2. KWZ IG Red #3
  3. KWZ IG Turquoise
  4. KWZ IG Green Gold
  5. KWZ IG Violet #3
  6. KWZ IG Blue #5
  7. KWZ IG Aztec Gold
  8. KWZ Monarch (Fontoplumo exclusive)
  9. KWZ Azure #5
  10. KWZ Cappucino
  11. KWZ Grey Plum
  12. KWZ El-Dorado

I have got few purchases planned from KWZ this year also.


KWZ Inks



Tenth and last on the list is another Indian manufacturer “Bril“. These are one of the most trusted ink manufacturers in India and have now started taking orders online. I exhausted my Bril inks and thus needed a new complete set. These again were not part of my wishlist and are as follows:

  1. Bril Turquoise Blue
  2. Bril Black
  3. Bril Laurel Rose
  4. Bril Red
  5. Bril Royal Blue
  6. Bril Green
  7. Bril Violet



Bril Inks



Inks that were part of my wishlist but did not make way to my cupboard are as follows with reasons listed:

  1. Edelstein Aquamarine (was not convinced to buy because of the reviews)
  2. Pen & Message – Cigar (difficult to get and too expensive)
  3. Pen & Message – Vintage Denim (difficult to get and also had better choices)
  4. Sankodo Canal Brown (difficult to get and too expensive)
  5. Iroshizuku FuyuGaki (delayed for next year)
  6. Diamine 1864 Blue Black (delayed for next year)


What were your purchases and what was your most expensive purchase aaaaand which ink you liked the most?


Vaibhav Mehandiratta



Happy Fountain Pen Day

I wish all the fellow Fountain Pen Users and Collectors a very Happy Fountain Pen Day. It is celebrated every year on the first Friday of November.

May all of you and generations to come keep the fountain pens and art of the writing alive.

FP Day.jpeg

Here the pen in use is Fosfor Knight with Titanium Fine Nib which is inked with the mix of Sheaffer Red and Camlin Black.

Below is the video link of the handwriting practise using the same combo.



Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Pelikan Hub 2016 – India

Pelikan like last two years is again organising the Hub worldwide on September 16. Last year in India two cities were selected as Hub venue, Delhi and Mumbai.


This year also Pelikan is giving us all chance to register ourselves for Hub. Minimum 7 people are required to register city as a Hub. Last year in Delhi we had 25 plus members.

Last year there were certain goodies from Pelikan, like pen cases, Pelikan Amethyst Cartridges and few ink bottles were also distributed.


This year maximum 25 members are allowed from city. So kindly register yourself quickly at below given link.

For Delhi kindly enter city as Delhi/New Delhi. I have registered myself for Delhi.




Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Wishlist – 2016

The new year comes with new resolutions and this year I have decided to make a resolution to list down the pens and inks that I will buy and nothing apart form that.

In list of pens I want and will try to add this year are as below:

  1. Pelikan M800 -Burnt Orange – Medium Nib
  2. Pelikan Classic – M200/M205 – Pen of the Year – Broad Nib
  3. Lamy 2000 – Special Edition (expected in 2016) – Medium Nib
  4. Lamy ALStar – Copper Orange – Medium Nib
  5. Lamy AL Star – Charged Green – 1.1 Nib
  6. Lamy Safari – Dark Lilac – Fine Nib
  7. TWSBI VAC Mini – 1.5 Stub Nib
  8. Franklin Cristoph – Model 20 – Fine Cursive Italic Mayasuma Nib
  9. Franklin Christoph Model 66 Pocket Stabilis – Shadow 1.9 Music Nib
  10. Pilot Custom 912 FA Nib
  11. Platinum 3776 Century – Music Nib
  12. Sailor 1911 Mid Size – Music Nib
  13. Custom Pen in Sandalwood from FOSFOR
  14. Custom Pen in Briar Polyster Blank from FOSFOR
  15. ASA Nauka Demonstrator Version with Bock Broad Nib


And in the list of Inks that I want and will try adding are the following:

  1. Edelstein Aquamarine Ink of the Year
  2. Pen & Message – Cigar
  3. Pen & Message – Vintage Denim
  4. Sailor Jentle 4 Seasons – DoYo
  5. Sailor Jentle 4 Seasons – Miruai
  6. Sailor Jentle 4 Seasons – Nio-Sumire
  7. Sailor Jentle 4 Seasons – Souten
  8. Sankodo Canal Brown
  9. Iroshizuku FuyuGaki
  10. Diamine 1864 Blue Black


I will try to stick to the list of these pens and inks only. But often there are amazing deals that you can not resist and you end up buying those.

Lets see if I stick to my plan or not.

What are your plans???




Pelikan Hub 2015 : New Delhi & Mumbai


Pelikan has this year selected two cities in India as Pelikan Hub. 

New Delhi being a new entrant and also Mumbai being the other.

Pelikan Hub is meet where all are welcomed and it happens all around the world on the same date, making it one of a kind of a event.

And an amazing initiative by none other than my favorite pen manufacturer PELIKAN.

I am glad that pelikan has chosen me hubmaster for New Delhi this time.

All the interested people are welcome to the event. And pelikan sponsors certain gifts to all the participants.

For that each interested person has to register by clicking on the link : PELIKAN HUB

So that Pelikan as an organization can make necessary arrangements for the gifts. All pen lovers are welcomed and invited.

Request all in India to goto link and register for either of the cities before 30th July.

Date : 25th September

Venue : To be Decided