Lamy Safari White Black Clip – Limited Edition Japan

Lamy Japan has new White Black Limited Edition launched yesterday in Japan. Its the White Safari that comes with Black Clip and Blacked out Nib. The Pen has Black Accents and Trims and comes in only Ef and F nib options There is also a ball point available in same pattern. Currently it is available… Continue reading Lamy Safari White Black Clip – Limited Edition Japan

Deal Alert: TWSBI Eco & Notebook Combo

There is an awesome deal in the market at the moment which is being offered by Ravi of Pens Point on TWSBI Eco. TWSBI Eco & Notebook Combo The TWSBI Eco along with the notebook combo is being sold for INR 3300 including shipping. Which is a great deal in the market considering the MRP… Continue reading Deal Alert: TWSBI Eco & Notebook Combo

Word for Wednesday – 16 January 2019

Pilot Capless For Word of Wednesday

Tuesday Thoughts – 04 September 2018

Todays thought inspiration is my favorite economist, teacher, strategist, Chanakya. His teachings and quotes have regularly proved useful in my life and have continually inspired me.     The pen in use today is Faber-Castell Loom and it is inked with Diamine Golden Brown. I really love how Faber-Castell design their pens. They have a… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 04 September 2018

MUJI – Wire-O Bound Notebook

Muji Notebook Wire-O Bound Notebook Review

Word for Wednesday: 25 Jul 2018

Today I am using Ranga Model 8B which looks inspired by Sheaffer Balance and it is fitted with #6 Steel 1.5 Nib from Bock and it is filled with KWZ Aztec Gold IGL ink. The Word for this Wednesday is EMBRYONIC and it means undeveloped, nascent, or relating to embryo . In a sentence: Sahil's… Continue reading Word for Wednesday: 25 Jul 2018

Tuesday Thoughts – 24 July 2018

Today's thought reflects my current mood. Recently made a mistake and since then I have been trying to keep myself positive. So today's Tuesday Thoughts blog post is inspired by Roosevelt So the ink used is KWZ Thief's Red and pen in use is Ranga Model 4S in premium Black Orange Swirl ebonite. Below are… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 24 July 2018

Group Buy – Lotus Vikrant & Lotus Lekhak

Lotus Pens - New pen Launch and Group Buy

Tuesday Thoughts – 29 May 2018

Hey All Today's thought is inspired by Persian Poet, Saadi Shirazi. Saadi is widely recognized as one of the greatest poets of the classical literary tradition, earning him the nickname "Master of Speech". The pen in use is Ranga Model 4 which is inked with one of my favourite Indian Ink, Krishna Ghat Green Below… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 29 May 2018

Tuesday Thoughts – 15 May 2018

Following in on my last blog post, here is my next Tuesday Thought post and I hope to continue this now with even more content in near future. This week's thought inspiration comes from Sir Winston Churchill. And the reason for this quote was to inspire myself and someone close to me who is just… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 15 May 2018

Tuesday Thoughts – 08 May 2018

Its been long time, that I have made a blog entry. I have been really busy at my work front. So things have taken a backseat. Also, you can say I have lately been lazy too. But I hope this blog entry changes that.   Today's post is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, whose photo is… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 08 May 2018

New Arrival – Lotus Shikhar

Indian Fountain Pen market has lately seen a lot of new entrants and among them, Lotus is one of them. They initially made a lot of prototypes before actually taking a plunge in the market.       Lotus Pens is based out of Mumbai and they make custom pens and handpainted pens also. They caught… Continue reading New Arrival – Lotus Shikhar