Tuesday Thoughts – 22 March 2016

Beginning 22 March 2016, I will be posting handwritten random quotes or thoughts every Tuesday with different Pen and Inks used.

Below is the first post. I hope you will like this.







10 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts – 22 March 2016

  1. I am surprised… 36 years later, Lamy still uses the nib I designed. Could you show me a photo that shows the front part of the feed? I am curious if it may also be “my” feed.


      1. No rush… enjoy your trip…. Yes, not many people are aware of my work… I guess, as an employed ingeneer (which I was then), it’s the company that earns the glory and the money. Even in the Mercedes story, the name was given by the financier and not by the ingeneers Otto and Daimler… c’est la vie


  2. Excellent thought and excellent handwriting. Ink is similar to Diamine Prussisn blue.
    “Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures “…


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