Hey All Today's thought is inspired by Persian Poet, Saadi Shirazi. Saadi is widely recognized as one of the greatest poets of the classical literary tradition, earning him the nickname "Master of Speech". The pen in use is Ranga Model 4 which is inked with one of my favourite Indian Ink, Krishna Ghat Green Below … Continue reading TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 29 May 2018



Following in on my last blog post, here is my next Tuesday Thought post and I hope to continue this now with even more content in near future. This week's thought inspiration comes from Sir Winston Churchill. And the reason for this quote was to inspire myself and someone close to me who is just … Continue reading TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 15 May 2018


Its been long time, that I have made a blog entry. I have been really busy at my work front. So things have taken a backseat. Also, you can say I have lately been lazy too. But I hope this blog entry changes that.   Today's post is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, whose photo is … Continue reading TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 08 May 2018

New Arrival – Lotus Shikhar

Indian Fountain Pen market has lately seen a lot of new entrants and among them, Lotus is one of them. They initially made a lot of prototypes before actually taking a plunge in the market.       Lotus Pens is based out of Mumbai and they make custom pens and handpainted pens also. They caught … Continue reading New Arrival – Lotus Shikhar

Mega Group Buy 2 – Ranga Pens – Feb 2018

Hello All Welcome to Mega Group-Buy 2 of Ranga Pens. This is an effort for Ranga Handmade Pens with Bock Nibs. Group Buy is valid until 28th Feb only. MODELS: Different Models are available for this Group-Buy. The option of various models are as follows: Model 3 ( Previous Group-Buy Link: http://www.fountainp...-2016/?hl=ranga) Model 4 ( … Continue reading Mega Group Buy 2 – Ranga Pens – Feb 2018

TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 12 December 2017

For today's post, I am using a pen from my favorite manufacturer, Pelikan.   Pen in use is Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoise with IB (Italic Broad) Nib and is inked with Pelikan Ink of the year 2017 Smoky Quartz.       Todays thought is inspired by the worlds' richest man, Bill Gates.   Hope you'll … Continue reading TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 12 December 2017

TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 28 November 2017

The thought of the day is inspired by one of the legends in low cost, affordable architecture in India. Apart from low-cost architecture, he was the pioneer exposed brick facade, brick jaalis, and maximization of light and ventilation. He was British born Indian Architect, Laurie Baker.   The pen in use today is a special … Continue reading TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 28 November 2017

Back from HIATUS

Hellooooow And I am Back..... from a much-needed break or you can say Hiatus from this fountain pen hobby. I have been running this blog for past now close to now 3 years and with total post numbering to 132. There has been a lot of love and appreciation given to me and it really … Continue reading Back from HIATUS

Group Buy – Ranga Emperor (New Model)

Hi Fellow FP Addicts Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I have been quite inactive for some time, but more about that in a separate post. I welcome you all to the Group-Buy of Ranga Emperor. Emperor is a new model of Ranga Pens.     MODEL: Ranga Emperor is a Handmade pen and is available … Continue reading Group Buy – Ranga Emperor (New Model)


The thought of this Tuesday is by Turcois Ominek. She is an Amercian author and she can be followed on Twitter here: link. The thought comes from one of her book, Masquerade: A collection of thoughts affected by love.    The pen in use today is Ranga Model 4C which I have reviewed in the past … Continue reading TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 04 July 2017

Mega Group Buy – Ranga Pens – June 2017

Hi Fellow FP Addicts Welcome to Mega Group-Buy of Ranga Pens. This is an effort for Ranga Handmade Pens with Bock Nibs. For those who missed out on earlier group buys this is the right opportunity to buy various models from the past Groupbuy with the Bock nibs.     MODELS: Different Models are available … Continue reading Mega Group Buy – Ranga Pens – June 2017

Ranga Model 4 & 4C – Group Buy 2017

Over the years I have successfully organized many group buys. The main motive was to facilitate me and all other members to get these pens at a lower price. I have till date did 9 group Buys for Ranga Pens. This time after almost 2 yrs this is an effort for Group Buy for Model … Continue reading Ranga Model 4 & 4C – Group Buy 2017