Tuesday Thoughts – 18 October 2016

After a brief hiatus of an approx one month, I am back with Tuesday Thoughts.   And today's thought comes from the pioneer of economics and political science in India, one of the most influential teachers of India, Chanakya. There is a Diplomatic enclave in Delhi which is named after Chanakya and is calledChanakyapuri and … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 18 October 2016


Tuesday Thoughts – 19 July 2016

A very good quote from Mahabharata struck me last week and I thought I will reserve this one for my next Tuesday Thoughts entry to blog. The quote is by Ashtavakra , one of the learned man as mentioned in Mahabharata. The pen in use is Fosfor Maharaja in custom stabilised wood blank which is inked with … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 19 July 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 14 June 2016

The thought inspiration for today comes from one of the most prolific poet of her times, Emily Dickinson.     The pen in rotation today is loaned to me by my friend Tervinder for nib grinding which is Fosfor Custom Pen with Red Bands and Bock Stahl (not so) Rot Nib. It is inked with … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 14 June 2016

Word for Wednesday : 08 June 2016

This will be new addition to my blog where I will start writing a random word for the Wednesday making it a weekly blog post with random Pen and Inks also. This Wednesday I have Fosfor Custom Pen on the line of Duofold which is a Button Filler pen and is inked with Krishna Officer's … Continue reading Word for Wednesday : 08 June 2016

Pen Review – Fosfor Islander

Well this particular pen, ISLANDER from Fosfor Pens was love at first site when I actually saw it in person at Delhi Pen Meet. I had seen lot of Islanders in the Wood online but never saw one in polycast resin. And Rishminder was the guy at pen meet who had the pen made out of … Continue reading Pen Review – Fosfor Islander