Tuesday Thoughts – 18 October 2016

After a brief hiatus of an approx one month, I am back with Tuesday Thoughts.


And today’s thought comes from the pioneer of economics and political science in India, one of the most influential teachers of India, Chanakya. There is a Diplomatic enclave in Delhi which is named after Chanakya and is calledChanakyapuri and is one of the most prime and posh destinations of India. Chanakya was the teacher, philosopher, advisor to king Chandragupta and Bindusara. He played an important role in the expansion of Mauryan Empire in India.




Today in use is a pen which is an homage to Conway Stewart Churchill and is made my Manoj of Fosfor Pens.

The pen is Fosfor Knight and is inked with Noodlers Antietam. The nib on the pen is fine Titanium nib made by Ambitious Pens India.







Vaibhav Mehandiratta


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