Tuesday Thoughts – 19 July 2016

A very good quote from Mahabharata struck me last week and I thought I will reserve this one for my next Tuesday Thoughts entry to blog.

The quote is by Ashtavakra , one of the learned man as mentioned in Mahabharata.

The pen in use is Fosfor Maharaja in custom stabilised wood blank which is inked with Iroshizuku Syo Ro.









Vaibhav Mehandiratta

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts – 19 July 2016

    • mehandiratta says:

      In my opinion Ranga pens are better finished as compared to Ratnam Pens.. Even Guider pens are better finished then Ratnam Pens… Also the prices vary according to models… While the cheapest Ratnam Pen is at Rs. 500 whereas Ranga Pens start at Rs. 1000… If given a choice.. I would spend that extra 500 and take Ranga Pens…
      Also Ranga pens are better engineered


  1. Srinivas says:

    Nice quote Vaibhav. The Fosfor Maharaja looks awesome. Where did you manage to source the blank? Or did Manoj source it based on your requirement. It is a beauty!!!


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