Group Buy – Ranga Emperor (New Model)

Hi Fellow FP Addicts Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I have been quite inactive for some time, but more about that in a separate post. I welcome you all to the Group-Buy of Ranga Emperor. Emperor is a new model of Ranga Pens.     MODEL: Ranga Emperor is a Handmade pen and is available … Continue reading Group Buy – Ranga Emperor (New Model)



The thought of this Tuesday is by Turcois Ominek. She is an Amercian author and she can be followed on Twitter here: link. The thought comes from one of her book, Masquerade: A collection of thoughts affected by love.    The pen in use today is Ranga Model 4C which I have reviewed in the past … Continue reading TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 04 July 2017

Ranga Model 4 & 4C – Group Buy 2017

Over the years I have successfully organized many group buys. The main motive was to facilitate me and all other members to get these pens at a lower price. I have till date did 9 group Buys for Ranga Pens. This time after almost 2 yrs this is an effort for Group Buy for Model … Continue reading Ranga Model 4 & 4C – Group Buy 2017