TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 22 November 2016

I don't know why but there is something amazing about eyedropper pens.Coming back to my love for eyedropper pens, today I am using Deccan Advocate Flat Top version which is inked with Waterman Harmonious Green.     And for today's Tuesday Thoughts the inspiration comes from the legend and one of the greatest sportsman of all… Continue reading TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 22 November 2016


Tuesday Thoughts – 30 August 2016

I have recently been bitten by "Parker" bug and thus in rotation today is one of the vintage iconic pen from Parker stable , Parker 25 - Black LE with medium nib and it is inked with Rohrer and Klingner Fernambuk. Today's thought is inspired by American economist, William Raduchel.     The pen is with… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 30 August 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 16 August 2016

The pen in rotation today is my new Pilot Custom 823 which comes with Broad Nib and it is currently inked with Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku. The pen is a real beauty and yes the clear transparent one is so perfect. The thought for today was inspired by Napolean Hill, an American Author who wrote lot of personal success and… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 16 August 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 09 August 2016

Today's thought is related to work ethics and is the current state of my affairs at work front. The though inspiration is by youngest ever US president, Theodore Roosevelt. The pen in use is Wality 69EB and is inked with Lamy Turquoise.         -- Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta

Tuesday Thoughts – 02 August 2016

The pen in rotation today is Kaweco Classic Sports - Burgundy which has a Broad nib and it is inked with KWZI IG Turquoise Ink.  And the paper used is Tomoe River. The thought of the day is inspired by one of the Greatest Entrepreneur from India, Narayana Murthy. Today's thought is kind of motivation… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 02 August 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 19 July 2016

A very good quote from Mahabharata struck me last week and I thought I will reserve this one for my next Tuesday Thoughts entry to blog. The quote is by Ashtavakra , one of the learned man as mentioned in Mahabharata. The pen in use is Fosfor Maharaja in custom stabilised wood blank which is inked with…… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 19 July 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 12 July 2016

I have been meaning to travel off lately and thus today’s thought is inspired from travel. The thought is kinda a reminder to me get a travel plan in place and the target is to travel to Cherrapunji and nearby areas and also get to see living root bridges. The thought of day is related…… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 12 July 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 28 June 2016

The thought / quote today comes from the one of the most prominent American Architect, LOUIS I. KAHN. His building displayed the Monumental characteristics. The quote today describes the importance of nature with contrast to built structure. The pen in rotation is beautiful blue colour Hero 616 - II which is inked with Sailor DoYou.    … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 28 June 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 14 June 2016

The thought inspiration for today comes from one of the most prolific poet of her times, Emily Dickinson.     The pen in rotation today is loaned to me by my friend Tervinder for nib grinding which is Fosfor Custom Pen with Red Bands and Bock Stahl (not so) Rot Nib. It is inked with… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 14 June 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 07 June 2016

The pen in rotation today is Wality 69 EB (Teal Blue Ripple Ebonite)  with custom ground fine Italic Nib. Wality 69 EB is ebonite iteration of the Wality 69 series and I have already reviewed the Acrylic model, Wality 69A. Currently it is inked with Camlin Permanent Black. The thought of the day comes from… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 07 June 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 17 May 2016

Today's thought comes from one of the most influential teacher of India, Chanakya. There is Diplomatic enclave in Delhi which is named after Chanakya and is called Chanakyapuri and is one of the most prime and posh destination of India. Chanakya was the teacher, philosopher, advisor to king Changragupta and Bindusara. He played an important… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 17 May 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 03 May 2016

In today's rotation I have Ratnam Tarpoda (Big Size Ebonite) inked with Krishna Cool Breeze Ink. Ratnam Pens is oldest fountain pen manufacturer and part of Swadeshi Movement in India. The nib is self grounded to medium italic and writes super smooth. Today's beautiful thought comes from Nobel Peace Laureate, Mother Teresa         Regards… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 03 May 2016