What Inks I bought in 2016 ?

Back in 2016, I created a wishlist of desired pens and inks that I planned to purchase. I did purchase lot of pens and inks apart from the wishlist. In this blog post, I will share the list of my ink purchases last year and let's see how close I stuck to my wishlist. I hope [...]


Tuesday Thoughts – 06 September 2016

Today in rotation is one of my favourite pocket pen, Muji Compact which is inked with KWZI IG Gummiberry. Muji Compact is perfect example of minimalist design and is very few of the pens with metal grip section that I like. The pen is made of Aluminium. And thought for today comes from my Boss, [...]

Word for Wednesday – 31 August 2016

In continuation to yesterday's post and continuing the Parker Pen fever, today I am using Parker Vector with fine nib and this pen has been with me since 11 years now and it has served me really well. The pen is made in India and I have heard lot of complaints with regards to nib for [...]

Word for Wednesday – 24 August 2016

So the word of the day is MENDACIOUS which means false, untruthful or fraudulent. The pen in rotation is Kaweco Ice Sport with fine nib and it is inked with Kaweco Blue.     -- Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta

Tuesday Thoughts – 23 August 2016

The pen in rotation is Waterman Kultur ( fine nib) and it is inked with Diamine Majestic Blue. The pen is absolute wet writer and the ink has a beautiful stunning golden sheen. I love this ink.   The thought inspiration for today comes from Ambrose Bierce, an Amercian writer and critic. And theme for the thought [...]

Tuesday Thoughts – 09 August 2016

Today's thought is related to work ethics and is the current state of my affairs at work front. The though inspiration is by youngest ever US president, Theodore Roosevelt. The pen in use is Wality 69EB and is inked with Lamy Turquoise.         -- Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta

Tuesday Thoughts – 02 August 2016

The pen in rotation today is Kaweco Classic Sports - Burgundy which has a Broad nib and it is inked with KWZI IG Turquoise Ink.  And the paper used is Tomoe River. The thought of the day is inspired by one of the Greatest Entrepreneur from India, Narayana Murthy. Today's thought is kind of motivation [...]

Tuesday Thoughts – 26 July 2016

Today's quote is inspired by one of the most influential Martial Artist ever, the legend, BRUCE LEE. The pen in rotation is Jinhao 165 which is self grounded to Medium Stub and it is inked with Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst.         -- Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta  

Word for Wednesday : 06 July 2016

In rotation today is  Pilot 78G – B Stub Nib inked with Lamy Turquoise Ink. This ink is my all time favourite Turquoise ink and it was also my first turquoise ink. Pilot Stubs are more like Cursive Italics and have amazing line variation. The word of the day is : Attenuate   — Regards Vaibhav [...]

Tuesday Thoughts – 05 July 2016

The pen in rotation today is ASA Trans-Nauka which was part of group buy on FPN. It is inked with Iroshizuku Yama Budo. Today’s thought comes from one of the most influential teacher of India, Chanakya. There is Diplomatic enclave in Delhi which is named after Chanakya and is called Chanakyapuri and is one of the [...]

Tuesday Thoughts – 28 June 2016

The thought / quote today comes from the one of the most prominent American Architect, LOUIS I. KAHN. His building displayed the Monumental characteristics. The quote today describes the importance of nature with contrast to built structure. The pen in rotation is beautiful blue colour Hero 616 - II which is inked with Sailor DoYou.     [...]

Tuesday Thoughts – 21 June 2016

The pen in Rotation today is Worther Profil inked with KWZI Orange Ink. The pen is made of Aluminium and comes with standard medium nib which writes decently. The thought today is all about believing in yourself, though know about the author of the same.       -- Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta