Pen Review – ASA TransNauka

A long awaited review of pen that has sold in huge nos.


Pen Review – Ranga Demonstrator Bamboo (Regular Size)

Ranga Handmade Pens is a brainchild of M.S. Pandurangan who himself is a master pen turner and all pens and pencils are made by him only. His son M.P. Kandan is doing great deeds by taking care of the business part of Ranga Handmade Pens. I must add that both he and his father are [...]

Pen Review – Deccan Advocate

Deccan Pens have been into existence since 1928 when they opened first outlet in Hyderabad at Abids and has been one of the oldest fountain pen manufacturing company in India. The firm was started by Sabih Akhter Siddiqui who used to sell fountain pens door to door with the help of DURO agency which used to [...]

Pen Review – Guider Acrylic Medium

Guider Acylic Medium - Beautiful Looking Pen

Pen Review – Blackstone Axiom

This pen was available for review on FPN for review and was made available by Just Write Company and I happened to be at right place at right time and also I was lucky enough to be selected amongst many to review this pen. I thank Kevin for sending me across the pen and later on the inks [...]

Pen Review – TWSBI Eco

This is the first non Indian pen I am going to review and i hope you all like the review and please leave the comments if you like. This pen actually took almost 4 months to come into my hand. Even though I have TWSBI 580 Al Orange but i was more excited about the ECO. [...]

Pen Review – ASA Spear

This review was long due for the first pen I bought from ASA stable. I have bought few Gama pens and Pilot pens from ASA prior to buying this. There are certain pens which u look at and just buy. YES SPEAR was an impulsive buy and the day it was launched i just  immediately [...]

Pen Review : ASA Porus – A comfortable Oversized Beauty

There is a brief history about the pen that I am reviewing today. There was always an urge to design and get a customized pen and actually get executed. It all started when Pradeep from Mumbai took initiative to bring all like minded crazy people who just love fountain pen and actually are real serious [...]

Pen Review : Wality 69 A

Lately, I am on buying spree of Wality made fountain pens. Wality pens are manufactured by Airmail. The pen I am reviewing today "WALITY 69 A" has been a best seller of Airmail/Wality brand and currently it is hard to get in the market. Even the authorized retailers are running out of stock for these [...]

Pen Review – Wality 52 PD

The pen I am reviewing today and actually using for quite long is Wality 52 PD. And this is my every day carry (edc) pen. This is actually the second Wality pen I bought after Wality 69 A, because i liked the way 69 A wrote. Wality pens are manufactured by Airmail Pen Company based out [...]

Pen Review : ASA Patriot

Lately ASA has released lot of pens and believe they will be coming up with lot more in near future. And today I am reviewing another great pen by them which is ASA Patriot. I had my eyes on Gama Eyas / Gama Hawk for a quite a long time because i wanted an ebonite pen [...]

Pen Review – Jinhao 886 (Colorful Cute Bullet)

I am amazed by the n number of  inexpensive pens without the compromise on quality front from major of the Chinese pen manufacturers especially Hero and Jinhao.... There are other expensive Chinese pen also there with the likes of duke, kaigelu.... Recently i got hold of lot of Jinhao pens which I will be reviewing [...]