Mega Group Buy – Ranga Pens – June 2017

Hi Fellow FP Addicts

Welcome to Mega Group-Buy of Ranga Pens. This is an effort for Ranga Handmade Pens with Bock Nibs. For those who missed out on earlier group buys this is the right opportunity to buy various models from the past Groupbuy with the Bock nibs.





Different Models are available for this Group-Buy. The option of various models are as follows:

  1. Giant Bamboo ( Previous Group-Buy Link:  http://www.fountainp…group-buy-2016/ )
  2. Bamboo ( Previous Group-Buy Link:  http://www.fountainp…group-buy-2016/ )
  3. Model 8 ( Previous Group-Buy Link: http://www.fountainp…remium-ebonite/ )
  4. Designer ( Previous Group-Buy Link: http://www.fountainp…ique-group-buy/ )
  5. Zeal ( Previous Group-Buy Link:   http://www.fountainp…-international/ )



For the first time, MP Kandan is providing us the Bock Nibs in CC Mechanism for this Group-Buy. So for this group buy only Bock nibs will be available and the option for the nibs are as follows:

  1. #6 Steel Nib – Gold Monotone Finish: EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5
  2. #6 Steel Nib – Chrome Monotone Finish: EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5
  3. #6 Steel Nib – Dual Tone Finish: EF, F, M, B
  4. #6 Gold 18K Nib – F, B (@ extra US$ 185)
  5. Without Nib But Pen threaded to take Bock Nib (@ less US$ 14)



Like the previous Group-Buys, both ebonite and acrylic are available in this group-buy. The various finishes available are as follows:


  • Regular Ebonite: RE Series (Polished or Matte Finish)
    1. Solid Black
    2. Brown Ripple
    3. Olive Ripple
    4. Green Ripple
    5. Mottled Brown
    6. Mottled Olive Brown


  • Special Ebonite: SE Series (Has Black Specks) (Polished or Matte Finish)
    1. Solid Forest Green
    2. Forest Green – Black Ripple
    3. Forest Green – Honey Ripple
    4. Forest Green – Khaki Ripple
    5. Forest Green – Mustard Yellow Ripple
    6. Forest Green – Teal Blue Ripple
    7. Teal Blue – Black Ripple
    8. Teal Blue – Khaki Ripple
    9. Mustard Yellow – Black Ripple
    10. Khaki – Black Ripple
    11. Solid Cherry Red (Not Available)
    12. Rose Red – Black Ripple
    13. Rose Red – Mauve Ripple
    14. Rose Red – Blue Ripple (Not Available)
    15. Rose Red – Forest Green Ripple
    16. Rose Red – Bottle Green Ripple (Not Available)
    17. Rose Red – Mustard Yellow Ripple
    18. Brick Red – Khaki Ripple
    19. Brick Red – Black Ripple
    20. Teal Blue – Orange Ripple
    21. Solid Bluish Green (Only for Giant Bamboo)
    22. Solid Crimson Red (Only for Giant Bamboo)
    23. Solid Olive Green




  • Premium Ebonite: PE Series (Polished or Matte Finish)
    1. Solid Blue
    2. Black Yellow Swirl (Not Available)
    3. Blue Pink Swirl
    4. Solid Pale Green
    5. White Blue Swirl (Not Available)
    6. Pale Pink Black Swirl (Not Available)
    7. Green Yellow Swirl
    8. Solid Pink
    9. Blue Green Orange Swirl (Not Available)
    10. Solid Orange

  • Clear Acrylic Demonstrator:
    1. Brushed Clear Acrylic – Complete
    2. Brushed Clear Acrylic with Polished finial


I have convinced MP Kandan not to increase the prices and he has agreed to the same. Thus the cost of the pen is at par with the earlier Group-Buys. And payment is accepted only via Paypal.

The price is as follows:

  1. Giant Bamboo
    • Regular / Special Ebonite: US $90
    • Premium Ebonite: US $110
    • Acrylic Demonstrator: US $100
  2. Bamboo
    • Regular / Special Ebonite: US $80
    • Premium Ebonite: US $90
    • Acrylic Demonstrator: US $85
  3. Model 8
    • Regular / Special Ebonite: US $63
    • Premium Ebonite: US $77
  4. Designer
    • Regular / Special Ebonite: US $85
    • Premium Ebonite : US $95
    • Acrylic Demonstrator : US $90
  5. Zeal (Flat End or rounded End)
    • Regular / Special Ebonite: US $61
    • Premium Ebonite : US $73



Shipping period will be 5 to 6 weeks after payment via Registered Shipping.
For Shipping within India kindly PM me




In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) and Reply in the thread with “Form Submitted” or just repost the choices in thread





Today’s thought is by Ovid. He was Roman Poet who lived in the period of Augustus and his actual name was Publius Ovidius Naso. He was ranked as one of the three canonical poets of Latin literature. Ovid talks more about his own life than most other Roman poets.


The pen in use is Ranga Model 3C which I got from the Group Buy. The pen is fitted with JoWo 1.1 Dual tone nib and is inked with Diamine Eclipse.



I really love ebonite as the material for the pen and this white blue swirl is something amazing. You have to hold in the hand to actually see and feel the beauty of the material.


Vaibhav Mehandiratta