Today’s weekly thought comes from my one of the favorite novelist, Ayn Rand. She was born and educated in Russia and moved to America later. Her two famous novels are The Fountainhead and Atlus Shrugged.





The pen in use today is Platinum Plaisir Nova Orange and I love this orange color. Lamy also came with the limited edition of AL-Star in this color by the name of Copper Orange.




The nib on this is 0.5 steel nib and it writes like a western medium. The ink in use is Platinum Black that came along with the pen.



What are your thoughts about Ayn Rand? And yeah how is the pen… I love the color. I think I love everything orange.



Vaibhav Mehandiratta



I received few Ink bottles from one of my friend in Indore which are Daytone Fountain Pen Inks. Daytone Inks are manufactured by Daylight industries and they are into ink manufacturing since 1956. More information can be found about the company here: Daytone Webpage

Apart from Inks, they manufacture a lot of other stationary items. But this review is about one of the fountain pens inks that they manufacture.

The inks that they manufacture ( 15 Nos. – increased from 8 Nos.) are as follows:

  1. Blue Black
  2. Emerald Green
  3. Brilliant Red
  4. Crimson
  5. Turquoise Blue
  6. Deep Black
  7. Royal Blue
  8. Bright Violet
  9. Havana Brown
  10.  Mauve
  11. Dark Grey
  12. Dark Brown
  13. Olive Brown
  14. Rose Red
  15. Yellow Ochre

Also, I would like to add that I got these inks from my friend Daman who was kind enough to lend me the additional 7 colors for review.

This review is about HAVANA BROWN ink from Daytone.


Daytone Havana Brown – Ink Bottle

Daytone Havana Brown comes in 60 ml plastic bottles and is priced at Rs. 20 Each (Indian Rupees). I hate their ink bottles it is most of the times next to impossible to insert the pen and fill ink in the pen.

I found out that the ink is more fluidic as in more watery. The ink color is to my liking. It flows smoothly but is not that saturated. It fades if exposed to the light.


Daytone Havana Brown – Ink Splash on JK Cedar 100gsm


I love the color of the ink. It has no sheen even in the areas where ink pools.




Daytone Havana Brown – Color Range


Daytone Havana Brown – Writing Sample on JK Cedar – 100 gsm


Daytone Havana Brown – Writing Sample – Side View


The ink actually leaves the darker line in nibs which are wet writers especially my eyedropper ed ASA Viraat and Gama Supreme. There is very less shading.


Daytone Havana Brown – Ink swabs with cotton ear buds


Daytone Havana Brown – Ink Swab (From top to bottom – 3 swabs , 2 swabs and 1 swab)


Daytone Havana Brown – Waterproof Test


Ink is not at all waterproof or resistant. almost everything gets washed out. It also fades away if continuously exposed to sunlight for a longer duration.


Daytone Havana Brown – Blow up Writing Sample on JK Cedar 100 gsm


On looking closer, it is clear that the ink is darker in Bold and Medium nibs as compared to Stub nibs and there is very less shading.


Daytone Havana Brown vs Sheaffer Skrip Brown vs Waterman Absolute Brown


It is visible from comparative above that the ink is less saturated and is more sand brown rather than the reddish brown.



The color is beautiful.  It has no feathering and has lovely flow. Lubrication is okay. There is not much shading which is visible. Ink drying times are around 110 to 12 seconds.

Following are the summation of ink properties:

  • Feathering: No
  • Sheen: No
  • Shading:  Little
  • Lubrication: Moderate
  • Flow: Very Good
  • Water Resistance: Bad
  • Drying Times: Good
  • Nib Creep: No
  • Clogging: None
  • Odor: None


The ink can be bought from Amazon and Snapdeal. One of the links is given below.



My other ink reviews can be checked here: link

Feedback and Comments are welcome.


TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 06 December 2016

Today’s Tuesday Thought is written with a pocket pen made in US of A, Franklin-Christoph Model 45 XLV in Coco Pearl Finish. The thought is inspired by Mark Twain.

Mark Twain was a pen name of famous American writer, Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He was also called “The father of American Literature“.



The pen comes with the SIG Medium Steel nib and boy it is amazing. Will detail out this in an upcoming review of the pen. And the ink in use is Kaweco Caramel Brown.




Has anyone of you tried this nib and how has been your experience ??




Vaibhav Mehandiratta


TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 29 November 2016

Today’s thought author is Aristotle, who was a greek Philosopher and Scientist. He tutored Alexander the Great. The meaning of the name Aristotle is “the best purpose”.



Now this pen has been in continuous use for past month and it is Kaweco Classic Sport in Burgundy Color. I have ground the stock bold nib to medium stub nib and writes the way I want it to.





The lovely ink in use is KWZ IG Turquoise Ink  and writes super wet and has an amazing shading properties on Fabriano Ego Paper. I really love the paper and in my opinion is far better than the Rhodia 80 Gsm dot pad.



Vaibhav Mehandiratta



TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 08 November 2016

Vintage Sheaffer’s are still in demand today and amongst those, one the highest selling pen which I am using today is Sheaffer No-Nonsense.


The pen comes with fine italic nib and is inked with Sulekha Crytal Violet.



The author of todays’ quote is worldfamous playwright, Oscar Wilde.




Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Word for Wednesday – 07 September 2016

Today I am using a German combo,  Lamy Safari Charcoal which is inked with Pelikan Edelstein Jade. The pen is a no nonsense all season performer pen and ink has good flow properties but I don’t like this kind of green color too much.

The Word for this Wednesday is HARANGUE and it means a long and intense verbal attack or a long and passionate speech.

In a sentence : She gave Kesava a Harangue about the dangers of jumping from the water tower.




Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Tuesday Thoughts – 06 September 2016

Today in rotation is one of my favourite pocket pen, Muji Compact which is inked with KWZI IG Gummiberry. Muji Compact is perfect example of minimalist design and is very few of the pens with metal grip section that I like. The pen is made of Aluminium.

And thought for today comes from my Boss, DK Goel from previous organisation. He always use to say in Hindi “Kaam na karne ke sau tareeke hai par karne ka sirf ek”.

So today’s thought is inspired by one of my professional life guru and ex Boss who is a Civil Engineer by profession and also a writer and a Professor.







The pen is in brushed finish which looks lovely. So clean and simple.



Vaibhav Mehandiratta



Word for Wednesday – 31 August 2016

In continuation to yesterday’s post and continuing the Parker Pen fever, today I am using Parker Vector with fine nib and this pen has been with me since 11 years now and it has served me really well. The pen is made in India and I have heard lot of complaints with regards to nib for these vector pens made in India. But to be honest I had none.

The Word for this Wednesday is STRIATED and it means having lines or strips or grooves.

In sentence : Pelikan Souverän Black-Red Striated version is one of my favourite pen.



Ink in use is Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire. And today i have tried cursive flourish style.






Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Tuesday Thoughts – 30 August 2016

I have recently been bitten by “Parker” bug and thus in rotation today is one of the vintage iconic pen from Parker stable , Parker 25 – Black LE with medium nib and it is inked with Rohrer and Klingner Fernambuk.

Today’s thought is inspired by American economist, William Raduchel.




The pen is with conical shaped steel nib and it writes wet. I am really thankful to Ravi of Pens Point for arranging this one for me.






Have you been bitten by Parker bug or not ?



Vaibhav Mehandiratta


BILT Matrix – Subject Notebook

BILT (Ballarpur Industries Limited) is largest manufacturer of writing and printing paper. And the part of Avantha Group.

The company has 6 manufacturing units in India and one in Malaysia. The company accounts for over 50% of the coated wood-free paper market, an impressive 85% of the bond paper market and nearly 45% of the hi-bright Maplitho market, besides being India’s largest exporter of coated paper.

I have used lot of BILT made notebooks in my career for taking notes when I was not too much into fountain pens. And they have performed for me when i used roller-balls or ball-pens.

But this time I have used it with fountain pens and lets found out how it fared? And also will be showing you built and finish of the same.

The notebook comes in various variants e.g. Natural Series, Rainforest Series, Subject notebook Series and few more. They also have good quality ledger paper.


For this review I have selected BILT Matrix – 1 Subject Notebook.

BILT Matrix – 1 Subject Notebook – Front Cover

The notebook comes in various sizes A6, A5, B5,  and A4 and comes in option of either lined or squared graph version or unruled one.






The notebook is nice plain black notebook with good quality PVC cover  with a half cut flap over PVC cover which gives the detail of product.


BILT Matrix – First Page – Index Page


The first page is made of laminated paper  and is address label page and which can be used down to write important contacts also. Whereas the last page is similarly a laminated one but more of an advertorial.


BILT Matrix – 1 – Last Page


The note book is utilitarian one instead of the flashy ones with some artwork or some fancy colours. There is also a pen holder cut on back cover which you can see in above pic and it looks somewhat like in below pic when pen is is in place.


BILT Matrix – Pen holder Cut out


The notebook is Wiro-Bound which seems quite good as compared to normal spiral bound ones. Also I forgot to mention that PVC cover has rounded edges. And the sheets are perforated and can be pulled out but not that smoothly.


BILT Matrix Subject Notebook – WiroBound


BILT Matrix Subject Notebook – Perforated Sheets


Overall I quite love the built and no-nonsense utilitarian design of the notebook.





I have used the notebook a lot with lot of pens escape fountain pen earlier. But there is a world of difference if you use the same with fountain pens and different inks.

As I have mentioned earlier and I believe most of us all know that the quality of paper as far as using with fountain pen is concerned is dependent on lot of parameters like ink resistance, shading, sheen, feathering, bleed-through, paper colour, smoothness or texture and few others. Few properties are also dependent with ink properties like shading and sheen.

The notebook in Review come with Bright white paper – 70gsm with light blue guidelines and the note book in review comes with square grid pattern.


BILT Matrix Subject Notebook – Square Grid Pattern Paper


BILT Matrix Subject Notebook – Bright White Paper with Turquoise Blue Guidelines


BILT Matrix Subject Notebook – 5 mm Square Grid Pattern


Each sheet’s  front side is smooth and the rear one is just a bit rough. All pens performed really well, whether be it Italic nib or fine point nib. And i actually wrote on the smoother front side of sheet and the results were quite good. There was almost no feathering except with Diamine Monaco Red which was minuscule.


BILT Matrix Subject Notebook – Writing on it – Front side


IMG_20160829_083822 R1
BILT Matrix Subject Notebook – Writing on it – Rear side


BILT Matrix Subject Notebook – Writing on it – Close up 1 – Different angles


BILT Matrix Notebook – Writing on it closeup 2


BILT Matrix Subject Notebook – Writing on it –Closeup Rear Side


As visible from images above the paper performs good in most of the parameters very well including sheening and shading but there is see through on the rear side. Though I must point out out that the bleed-through was restricted only to few places where i might have used the pen twice. Sheen was only visible with Diamine Majestic Blue. Also the J. Herbin Lie de The ink performed very well and showed tremendous amount of shading.


Performance summary is as follows:

  • Ink Resistance : High
  • Paper Colour: Bright white
  • Paper Texture : Smooth / Rough Both
  • Feathering : Miniscule
  • Bleed-through : In some places
  • Shading : Medium
  • Sheen : Medium





The A5 sized notebook was priced at Rs. 95 which is US $ 1.5 at todays exchange rate. And makes this notebook as an amazing value for money if you intend to use only one side of the paper.





The notebook is no nonsense utilitarian like I said earlier. I think people at BILT can use better quality paper to prevent See-through on rear side.

I think there are some better options out there. I love the package as whole especially the light turquoise blue guidelines. And I will be using only one side of paper so its good for me.

My Saraswati Notebook performed better but the notebook quality was cheaper and the paper was not leaning towards grey.

This can be bought at AMAZON or FLIPKART.





Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Word for Wednesday – 24 August 2016

So the word of the day is MENDACIOUS which means false, untruthful or fraudulent.

The pen in rotation is Kaweco Ice Sport with fine nib and it is inked with Kaweco Blue.





Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Tuesday Thoughts – 23 August 2016

The pen in rotation is Waterman Kultur ( fine nib) and it is inked with Diamine Majestic Blue. The pen is absolute wet writer and the ink has a beautiful stunning golden sheen. I love this ink.


The thought inspiration for today comes from Ambrose Bierce, an Amercian writer and critic. And theme for the thought is anger.




The pen is a absolute lovely wet writer but has problem with hard starts. And I wonder why it is not listed on Waterman webpage and I got this pen via my friend whose girl was travelling to France. It is easily available in France in many stationary stores.






The ink is just plain gorgeous, love the flow, the lubrication, the colour and top of that all, the massive sheen.




What are your thoughts about the anger management and this wonderful pen and gorgeous ink?



Vaibhav Mehandiratta