Pen Review – ASA TransNauka

A long awaited review of pen that has sold in huge nos.


Word for Wednesday : 06 July 2016

In rotation today is  Pilot 78G – B Stub Nib inked with Lamy Turquoise Ink. This ink is my all time favourite Turquoise ink and it was also my first turquoise ink. Pilot Stubs are more like Cursive Italics and have amazing line variation. The word of the day is : Attenuate   — Regards Vaibhav… Continue reading Word for Wednesday : 06 July 2016

Word for Wednesday : 22 June 2016

Another Wednesday and another word for the day. Today I am using my beautiful Gama Airborne which is inked with Rohrer & Kilngner Verdura. The nib is Ambitious and it is a wet writer eyedropper pen. This pen is an homage to Eversharp Skyline. The word of the day is : Phlegmatic   -- Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta

Word for Wednesday : 15 June 2016

This Wednesday I am using my new ASA TransNauka which fitted with 1.1 Black Oxide JoWo Nib and Inked with Iroshizuku Yama-Budo.   The word of the day is : LOQUACIOUS       -- Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta

Pen Review – Ratnam Tarpoda

Classic Cigar Shaped from First Swadeshi Fountain Pen Manufacturer of India

Tuesday Thoughts – 03 May 2016

In today's rotation I have Ratnam Tarpoda (Big Size Ebonite) inked with Krishna Cool Breeze Ink. Ratnam Pens is oldest fountain pen manufacturer and part of Swadeshi Movement in India. The nib is self grounded to medium italic and writes super smooth. Today's beautiful thought comes from Nobel Peace Laureate, Mother Teresa         Regards… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 03 May 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 12 April 2016

The Pen in rotation is Pilot Non Self Filling Fountain Pen also known as Pilot Tank. It is an eyedropper and actually can take Con-20 converter. And it is inked with Sailor Jentle Shigure. Today's inspiration comes from one of the foremost Architect of America during his time, Louis I. Kahn. He was also the… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 12 April 2016

Tuesday Thoughts – 05 April 2016

Today's thought comes from one of the greatest architect of our time, Zaha Hadid.

Pen Review – Deccan Advocate

Deccan Pens have been into existence since 1928 when they opened first outlet in Hyderabad at Abids and has been one of the oldest fountain pen manufacturing company in India. The firm was started by Sabih Akhter Siddiqui who used to sell fountain pens door to door with the help of DURO agency which used to… Continue reading Pen Review – Deccan Advocate

Pen Review – Guider Acrylic Medium

Guider Acylic Medium - Beautiful Looking Pen

Pen Review – ASA Rainbow (ED)

  The review is about a pen which was launched on Whatsapp Group of 20 members at that time and I believe was first of its kind launch for a pen. Approximately 50 odd pens were made and beleive me on this all got sold out within half an hour. So beautiful were they to look… Continue reading Pen Review – ASA Rainbow (ED)

Pen Review – ASA Viraat

An oversized white tiger ebonite pen from the house of ASA pens.