Tuesday Thoughts – 04 September 2018

Todays thought inspiration is my favorite economist, teacher, strategist, Chanakya. His teachings and quotes have regularly proved useful in my life and have continually inspired me.     The pen in use today is Faber-Castell Loom and it is inked with Diamine Golden Brown. I really love how Faber-Castell design their pens. They have a… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 04 September 2018

What Inks I bought in 2016 ?

Back in 2016, I created a wishlist of desired pens and inks that I planned to purchase. I did purchase lot of pens and inks apart from the wishlist. In this blog post, I will share the list of my ink purchases last year and let's see how close I stuck to my wishlist. I hope… Continue reading What Inks I bought in 2016 ?

Word for Wednesday : 19 October 2016

The pen in rotation today is Wality  69T and it is inked with Diamine Salamander. The is perfectly finished demonstrator pen and yes it is an eyedropper version only.     The Word for Wednesday is  Desultory which means aimless, haphazard, or lacking plan. In a sentence : Sahil passed a desultory remark on Rakshit about his… Continue reading Word for Wednesday : 19 October 2016

Word for Wednesday – 20 July 2016

Its again ASA Swan fitted with Ambitious #5 flex nib today again in rotation and is inked with Diamine Sunshine Yellow.   The word of the day is : HOODWINK       — Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta

Tuesday Thoughts – 24 May 2016

The thought comes from one of the Great American Poet and Writer, Carl Sandburg. He was winner of three Pulitzer Prizes. The pen in rotation today is Italix Parson's Essential with Broad Italic Nib and it is inked with Diamine Eau Di Nil.         -- Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta