Group Buy – Ranga Model 5 (Varuna Gajendra)

This is a group buy effort of Ranga Model 5 (Varuna Gajendra) – An oversized handmade fountain pen Continue reading Group Buy – Ranga Model 5 (Varuna Gajendra)


ASA SNIPER – Group Buy

ASA Pens is selling first of its kind ebonite/acrylic hooded nib pen. Which he calls SNIPER. It all started as a initiative by few members of fountain pen network to get a customized pen as a group buy in which we succeeded. The link  for fountain pen network group buy is here link Below are the few images for the pen prototype… The pre order for group buy ends on 28th February. The link to get the pen is here : ASA Sniper Continue reading ASA SNIPER – Group Buy