TWSBI Eco & Notebook Combo @ PensPoint

There is an awesome deal in the market at the moment which is being offered by Ravi of Pens Point on TWSBI Eco.

TWSBI Eco & Notebook Combo

The TWSBI Eco along with the notebook combo is being sold for INR 3300 including shipping. Which is a great deal in the market considering the MRP 3995 of the pen alone in Indian Market

I personally got the sample of the notebook provided by Penspoint and I got the opportunity to test the notebook and pen.

The notebook comes with Elastic band to hold the Pen

The notebook (INR 850) is made from black leatherette cover and 120 gsm paper and has a dotted pattern inside. And the Elastic band is sturdy and of good quality enough to hold the pen.

As far as the pen is concerned, I have already reviewed (link) in the past and it is one of the best sellers of TWSBI. You can’t go wrong with this pen.

And paper is cream in color and has dotted patterns. Also one important thing to note that notebooks are such that the elastic band and paper edges that they match with the color of the pen. In above image you can see the Blue elastic and blue colored paper edges matching with the Blue transparent TWSBI Eco.

Cream Colored Dotted Pattern Notebook
No Show Through on rear side of Paper

One thing I noticed is that the even though the paper had no show-through and feathering, there was sheen content which was not that much as compared with Tomoe River Paper.

Very less sheen but no feathering or bleeding

One issue my notebook had was that the dotted pattern on notebook was a little offset or tapered and is not in parallel with the edges of paper and you can see from the below image.

Dot Pattern not parallel to edges of the Paper

I still believe it is the steal deal for the pen only plus the paper in the notebook is really good. And there are multiple colors and option of nib and notebook combo to buy.

Where to Buy:

Via Blog :

Via Whatsapp / Phone : +91 9711427616


6 thoughts on “TWSBI Eco & Notebook Combo @ PensPoint

  1. Thanks Vaibhav, I bought it from him based on your recommendation. If not for you i probably would have bought it from williampenn for 4k without notebook.


  2. I am so confused between Ranga pen and twsbi eco. They are very different pens but are of similar price. How should i make this decision? Are 1.1 stub nibs on Ranga as good as twisbi eco?


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