Word for Wednesday: 25 Jul 2018

Today I am using Ranga Model 8B which looks inspired by Sheaffer Balance and it is fitted with #6 Steel 1.5 Nib from Bock and it is filled with KWZ Aztec Gold IGL ink.

ranga 8b
Ranga 8B in Bakul Finish

The Word for this Wednesday is EMBRYONIC and it means undeveloped, nascent, or relating to embryo .

In a sentence: Sahil’s relationship with a girl he likes is still in embryonic stage.

Few more images of the pen are as below:

ranga model 8

r model 8b

3 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday: 25 Jul 2018

  1. are you trying to “exacerbate” our jealousy by showing off the symphony created by the Ranga the Bock and the Aztec? No offence meant, just had to put the word in the right perspective šŸ™‚ My knowledge about fountain pens, incidentally is “embryonic”, when compared to that of yours and I spend fascinated hours going through your posts. may your tribe increase. and do pardon my intransience.


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