New Arrival – Lotus Shikhar

Indian Fountain Pen market has lately seen a lot of new entrants and among them, Lotus is one of them. They initially made a lot of prototypes before actually taking a plunge in the market.


Lotus Shikhar



Lotus Pens is based out of Mumbai and they make custom pens and handpainted pens also. They caught my eye with the simple looking elegant pen, Shikhar (seems to be inspired by Sailor KOP). And I approached them for buying one of the Shikhar’s as it comes in various ebonite options. Ebonite they use is Japanese Nikko ebonite.

So today I am showing the glimpse of the new pen that arrived a few days back.

comes in a faux Leather cover box which is protected by the cardboard sleeve


the pen comes with a velvet sleeve


Shout out to Tarun Durga for letting me write with his Lotus Shikhar which actually spurred me to get this beauty.


Below are the few more images of the pen and my pen comes with black JoWo Broad nib to match with the black coloured clip.


Shikhar in navy blue coloured Nikko ebonite




The review will be coming soon after I have had enough to say and write about this pen.




Vaibhav Mehandiratta


17 thoughts on “New Arrival – Lotus Shikhar

  1. Hello Vaibhav!
    Glad you’re back and have started writing again. You say that there are many recent entrants so can you make a blog post on this topic. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Classic beautiful design, JOWO nib, premium blue ebonite – what more could you want, really? Have this pen on my desk in Poland – tempting.


  3. The new “Lotus” pen is very stylish ! Will look forward to your review, in particular for the colours on offer, and the filling system(s) available, and the price.


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