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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

I have been quite inactive for some time, but more about that in a separate post. I welcome you all to the Group-Buy of Ranga Emperor. Emperor is a new model of Ranga Pens.


Ranga Emperor



Ranga Emperor is a Handmade pen and is available in various ebonite rod colors. The pen has a dual-band around the cap and has black ebonite finials at the bottom and top. the pen is available in two versions:

  • Round End
  • Flat End

It is approx 145 mm in length and the barrel dia of the pen is 14 mm and dia of the cap is 16 mm.

The pen is available only in chrome finish clip along with chrome trims.



Only Bock Nibs along with the Schmidt Converter is available for this Group Buy

  1. #6 Steel Nib – Gold Monotone Finish: EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5
  2. #6 Steel Nib – Chrome Monotone Finish: EF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5
  3. #6 Steel Nib – Dual Tone Finish: EF, F, M, B
  4. #6 Gold 18K Nib – F, B (@ extra US$ 185)
  5. Without Nib But Pen threaded to take Bock Nib (@ less US$ 14)



For this Group Buy, Regular series and Special Series Ebonite are available in both Polished and Brushed Finish.


  • Regular Ebonite: RE Series (Polished or Matte Finish)
    • R1- Brown Ripple
    • R2 – Green  Ripple
    • R3 – Olive Ripple
    • R4 – Solid Black
    • R5 – Mottled Brown
    • R6 – Mottled Green
    • R7 – Mottled Olive Brown


  • Special Ebonite: SE Series (Has Black Specks) (Polished or Matte Finish)
    • S1 – Solid Forest Green
    • S2 – Forest Green – Black Ripple
    • S3 – Forest Green – Honey Ripple
    • S4 – Forest green – Khaki Ripple
    • S5 – Forest Green – Mustard Yellow Ripple
    • S6 – Forest Green – Teal Blue Ripple
    • S7 – Teal Blue – Black Ripple
    • S9 – Mustard Yellow – Black Ripple
    • S10 – Khaki – Black Ripple
    • S12 – Rose Red – Black Ripple
    • S13 – Rose Red – Mauve Ripple
    • S15 – Rose Red – Forest Green Ripple
    • S17 – Rose Red – Mustard Yellow Ripple
    • S18 – Brick Red – Khaki Ripple
    • S20 – Teal Blue – Orange Ripple
    • S23 – Solid Olive Green


Ranga Emperor – Flat End – All Colors


Ranga Emperor – Round End – All Colors



Some more images of the pen are as below:


Ranga Emperor – Regular Colors – Close up


Ranga Emperor – Flat End – Special Ebonite Colors – Close up




The Price of the pen is US $ 64 including Registered shipping. The pen is shipped within 1week once the order is confirmed. The seller has limited nos. of these pen in stock and the pen is shipped immediately after payment within 1 week.

Payment to be done via Paypal only for international customers and for domestic via bank transfer. Paypal ID is : mpkandan@gmail.com

The seller has limited nos. of these pen in stock and the pen is shipped immediately after payment within 1 week.


For shipping within India Kindly PM for the prices and how to make payment.




In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) and Reply to the thread with “Form Submitted” or just repost the choices in thread


LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/KyWumAFR3yGUW41Y2

19 responses to “Group Buy – Ranga Emperor (New Model)”

  1. Fiery_Berkut Avatar

    What’s the section diameter (grip area)


    1. mehandiratta Avatar

      11 mm at thinnest and 12.5 at thickest point


  2. Roman Uzdowski Avatar
    Roman Uzdowski

    Thank You for Group Buy. I’ve placed an order: solid black polished ebonite Bock 1.1 calligraphy. I’m curious about this new model – especially, to which the previous Ranga f.p. is similar?


    1. mehandiratta Avatar

      This will be more similar to model 4c flat


      1. Roman Uzdowski Avatar
        Roman Uzdowski

        Very nice. I have got one 4C – premium ebonite in blue with Schidt M nib. Masterpiece.


  3.  Avatar

    Hello, what is the price in INR?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mehandiratta Avatar

      Please connect with me on WhatsApp at 9654958472


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    […] Group Buy – Ranga Emperor (New Model) (via mehandiratta) […]


  5. Raj Ahmed Avatar
    Raj Ahmed

    Thank you so much for sharing the group buy information.
    Can you let me know the price and process for purchasing from Hyderabad.


    1. mehandiratta Avatar

      Kindly email me at mehandiratta@gmail.com or WhatsApp at 9654958472


  6. Aashish Bagdi Avatar

    Vaibhav Sir any plans for an ASA Group buy ?


    1. mehandiratta Avatar

      Maybe next round


  7. Andrew B. Middleton Avatar
    Andrew B. Middleton

    Thank you for showing the new Ranga pens. I really liked the S7 Teal blue with black ripple. Will leave this notice on my emails, and get back to you in early December.


    1. mehandiratta Avatar

      Noted … Thank you for your intrest


  8. brainstormescu Avatar

    Thank you for the update! I’ve placed an order for this group buy.
    One suggestion for the group photo and close ups: please use a neutral, light grey background, not the fuchsia cloth.


    1. mehandiratta Avatar

      Oh thank you for participation.. these pics actually came from manufacturer… I would tell him to take picture in neutral background next time


      1. Sunil Avatar

        Hi sir,
        I’m interested in the pen. Could you please share the price and details at my id: sunil216 at gmail.
        I’ve sent you a message on FB also.


      2. mehandiratta Avatar

        Sure.. will send you at ur Gmail

        Liked by 1 person

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