The thought of this Tuesday is by Turcois Ominek. She is an Amercian author and she can be followed on Twitter here: link.

The thought comes from one of her book, Masquerade: A collection of thoughts affected by love. 

Ranga 4C Img 2

Ranga 4C Img 1


The pen in use today is Ranga Model 4C which I have reviewed in the past here.

Ranga 4C Img 3


But this time I am using the Solid Green premium ebonite version without the clip and the pen comes with the Bock Medium #6 nib. It is currently inked with the KWZ Hunter Green.


Vaibhav Mehandiratta


10 thoughts on “TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 04 July 2017

  1. Brian says:

    Hello Vaibhav,

    Do you know any place where Schmidt products are available? I want to buy Schmidt easyFlow 9000 but the price at Amazon says Rs 1853 for a pack of 6 while my Parker Jotter costs Rs 250. Just want to buy a single refill, know of any website/place?



  2. UnconventionalGirl says:

    Hey… I have been following your blog and slowly delving into the world of fountain pens. Next on my wishlist is a flex pen. I was reading about noodler’s flex pens and they seem ok but I wanted to know if any of the Indian fountain pen makers make their pens with flex nibs as well.


  3. HARSH ATREYA says:

    Hi Vaibhav,
    Came across your blog while searching for some guidance bn to buy good fountain pen. I like medium to broad nib and amateur writer. Can you suggest some good pen. Also wanted to ask about pen point person RAVI. Is he trustworthy guy?


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