The thought of this Tuesday is by Turcois Ominek. She is an Amercian author and she can be followed on Twitter here: link.

The thought comes from one of her book, Masquerade: A collection of thoughts affected by love. 

Ranga 4C Img 2

Ranga 4C Img 1


The pen in use today is Ranga Model 4C which I have reviewed in the past here.

Ranga 4C Img 3


But this time I am using the Solid Green premium ebonite version without the clip and the pen comes with the Bock Medium #6 nib. It is currently inked with the KWZ Hunter Green.


Vaibhav Mehandiratta


10 thoughts on “TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 04 July 2017

  1. Hello Vaibhav,

    Do you know any place where Schmidt products are available? I want to buy Schmidt easyFlow 9000 but the price at Amazon says Rs 1853 for a pack of 6 while my Parker Jotter costs Rs 250. Just want to buy a single refill, know of any website/place?



  2. Hey… I have been following your blog and slowly delving into the world of fountain pens. Next on my wishlist is a flex pen. I was reading about noodler’s flex pens and they seem ok but I wanted to know if any of the Indian fountain pen makers make their pens with flex nibs as well.


  3. Hi Vaibhav,
    Came across your blog while searching for some guidance bn to buy good fountain pen. I like medium to broad nib and amateur writer. Can you suggest some good pen. Also wanted to ask about pen point person RAVI. Is he trustworthy guy?


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