Ranga Model 4 & 4C – Group Buy 2017

Over the years I have successfully organized many group buys. The main motive was to facilitate me and all other members to get these pens at a lower price. I have till date did 9 group Buys for Ranga Pens.

This time after almost 2 yrs this is an effort for Group Buy for Model 4 & 4C and this group buy sees the introduction of Demonstrator version also. I have also reviewed the pen here: link




Ranga Model 4 – Demonstrator Version 



Model 4 is with Flat top & Bottom with slightly peaked at the center  (as per the image of a demonstrator)  whereas Model 4C is with Rounded Top and Bottom (as per the image below). The pen is approx 150 mm in length.




Ranga Model 4C – Premium Ebonite



Available Colors are as follows:

  • Special Ebonite Colors (SE Series) – with Black Specs (Regular Ebonite)

    1. Solid Forest Green
    2. Forest Green – Black Ripple
    3. Forest Green – Honey Ripple
    4. Forest Green – Khaki Ripple
    5. Forest Green – Mustard Yellow Ripple
    6. Forest Green – Teal Blue Ripple
    7. Teal Blue – Black Ripple
    8. Teal Blue – Khaki Ripple
    9. Mustard Yellow – Black Ripple
    10. Khaki – Black Ripple
    11. Solid Cherry Red Not Available
    12. Rose Red – Black Ripple
    13. Rose Red – Mauve Ripple
    14. Rose Red – Blue Ripple Not Available
    15. Rose Red – Forest Green Ripple
    16. Rose Red – Bottle Green Ripple Not Available
    17. Rose Red – Mustard Yellow Ripple
    18. Brick Red – Khaki Ripple
    19. Brick Red – Black Ripple
    20. Teal Blue – Orange Ripple
    21. Solid Olive Green



Ranga Special Ebonite – Top View



Ranga Special Ebonite – Side View



  • Regular Ebonite Colours (RE Series): Ref 1 – Link  Ref 2 – Link

    1. Solid Black Matte
    2. Brown Ripple
    3. Olive Ripple
    4. Green Ripple
    5. Mottled Brown
    6. Mottled Green
    7. Mottled Olive Brown

Ranga Model 4C – Regular Ebonite



  • Premium Ebonite Colors (PE Series)

    1. Solid Blue
    2. Black Yellow Swirl Not Available 
    3. Blue Pink Swirl
    4. Solid Pale Green
    5. White Blue Swirl Not Available 
    6. Pale Pink Black Swirl Not Available 
    7. Green Yellow Swirl
    8. Solid Pink
    9. Blue Green Orange Swirl
    10. Solid Orange



Premium Ebonite Colors 


  •  Finish – Polished or Matte (Bakul)
  • Clip Option – Clip-less or Gold Clip or Silver Clip
  • Nib Option: For Eyedropper
    • Kanwrite 35 mm Fine Nib – Chrome Tone or Dual Tone
    • Kanwrite 35 mm Medium Nib – Gold Tone or Chrome Tone or Dual Tone
    • Kanwrite 35 mm Broad Nib – Gold Tone or Chrome Tone or Dual Tone
    • Bock (With Conklin imprinted) M or B is available (extra @ 8 USD)
    • Kanwrite Nib 35 mm Flex – Chrome Tone ( extra @ 5 USD)
  • Nib Option: For C/C mechanism (with Schmidt K5 Converter) #6 Nib Options (included in price)
    • No Nib – Threaded for Bock #6 (less USD -14)
    • No Nib – Threaded for JoWo #6 (less USD -14)
    • No Nib – Threaded for Schmidt #6  (less USD -14)
    • Schmidt Broad Nib – Gold Tone or Chrome Tone
    • Schmidt Medium Nib – Gold Tone or Chrome Tone
    • Schmidt Fine Nib – Gold Tone or Chrome Tone
    • JoWo 1.1 Calligraphy Nib – Dual Tone
    • JoWo Broad Nib – Gold Tone or Chrome Tone or Dual Tone
    • JoWo Medium Nib – Gold Tone or Chrome Tone or Dual Tone
    • JoWo Fine Nib – Chrome Tone or Dual Tone
  • Shipping: Via Registered Post which is included in Price and takes 2 -4 Weeks.
  • Making Time: 4-5 Weeks after payment
  • Price:
    • RANGA Model 4& 4C (ED Version)
      • DEMONSTRATOR: US $37
    • RANGA Model 4 & 4C (CC Mechanism)
      • DEMONSTRATOR: US $67


In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) and Reply below with “Form Submitted “


For shipping within India, kindly please me at mehandiratta@gmail.com 


52 thoughts on “Ranga Model 4 & 4C – Group Buy 2017

  1. Ajay says:

    Hi Vaibhav,
    I have just started reading your blog (1 week) and I am already a big fan. I have collecting fountain pens for a while and would like to purchase some of the Indian pens you have reviewed. Is there one online store that you buy from or do you contact each maker individually? I found ASA pens to have a lot of the pens at competitive prices, but most pens seem to be out of stock. Would they procure if requested?


  2. Brett says:

    I submitted a from in April for an Orange Pen. I was never contacted for payment how does this work as I am in the US. I realize time has passed does this work like Massdrop.


  3. Nisheeth Narendra Jain says:

    Dear Sir,
    I realise I’m late to the party. Kindly let me know if I may still order the pen and if so, does it come in a stub nib?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Nisheeth Narendra Jain


  4. Diego says:

    Form submitted. Thank your Mr Vaibhav for organizing this group buy. Looking forward the Bamboo demonstrator (looks just stunning).


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