Oliver F-27 (Ver 2) Offer with Ranga Model 5

There is an additional offer with Group-Buy for Model 5 (link). Oliver F-27 is now available as an add-on in this group-buy at a special price of USD 19. The pen can only be clubbed Ranga Model 5 and can be purchased in any nos.

Oliver F27 


Oliver F-27 (Ver. 2)


There are 20 colors and are as follows:

  1. Yellow-Pink-Red Swirl
  2. Pink-Dark Blue Swirl
  3. Blue-Black Swirl
  4. Red Cracked Ice
  5. Green-Pink-Black Swirl
  6. Red-Dark Blue Swirl
  7. Orange-Dark Blue Swirl
  8. Chocolate Cracked Ice
  9. Purple-Dark Blue Swirl
  10. Bright Green-Dark Green Swirl
  11. Sea Blue-Red Swirl
  12. Chocolate-Dark Blue Swirl
  13. Yellow-Chocolate Cracked Ice
  14. Yellow-Chocolate Swirl
  15. Green-Black Swirl
  16. White-Red Swirl
  17. Rose-Black Swirl
  18. Yellow-Bright Green Swirl
  19. Orange-Black Cracked Ice
  20. Yellow-Blue-Saffron Orange Swirl


Oliver F27 – Colors


In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) and Reply in the thread with “Form Submitted or just repost the choices in replies




Vaibhav Mehandiratta


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