TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 29 November 2016

Today’s thought author is Aristotle, who was a greek Philosopher and Scientist. He tutored Alexander the Great. The meaning of the name Aristotle is “the best purpose”.



Now this pen has been in continuous use for past month and it is Kaweco Classic Sport in Burgundy Color. I have ground the stock bold nib to medium stub nib and writes the way I want it to.





The lovely ink in use is KWZ IG Turquoise Ink  and writes super wet and has an amazing shading properties on Fabriano Ego Paper. I really love the paper and in my opinion is far better than the Rhodia 80 Gsm dot pad.



Vaibhav Mehandiratta



6 thoughts on “TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 29 November 2016

  1. The ink looks beautiful. I absolutely love the blog and it is your reviews that have got me into handmade Indian pens..

    . Could you post a photo of your Fabriano Ego notebook? I have been searching for them for a while after seeing your handwriting on it with Yama budo- what a beautiful sheen and such pretty handwriting!

    I can see Fabriano EcoQua on Amazon and Flipkart but can’t find Ego. Thanks.


    1. Thank you for the compliment.. Glad that you have started using Indian pens.. The journey will be dull of ups and downs but surely a learning one..
      I will share ego notebook tomorrow.. And it is actually sold by but currently they don’t have that in Stock.. I am also waiting for the new stock..


  2. The shading looks very attractive in this colour, with your neat handwriting. I have the exact same pen but with a standard medium nib which writes like a dream. I have a tiny soft leather Kaweco sleeve for it and carry it around in a shirt pocket. Rupert.


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