TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 08 November 2016

Vintage Sheaffer’s are still in demand today and amongst those, one the highest selling pen which I am using today is Sheaffer No-Nonsense.


The pen comes with fine italic nib and is inked with Sulekha Crytal Violet.



The author of todays’ quote is worldfamous playwright, Oscar Wilde.




Vaibhav Mehandiratta

6 thoughts on “TUESDAY THOUGHTS – 08 November 2016

  1. rupertarzeian says:

    Thanks for your attractive and stylish posts. You inspire me to try purple ink in a stub nib. I used No Nonsense pens all through college for note taking in lectures and for exams…always reliable and an ideal size. A good simple design.


  2. Charles Skinner says:

    I have a No-Nonsense pen just like yours, except mine is blue. I “inherited” if from my wife’s first husband, God rest his soul. He was a good man.


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