Tuesday Thoughts – 30 August 2016

I have recently been bitten by “Parker” bug and thus in rotation today is one of the vintage iconic pen from Parker stable , Parker 25 – Black LE with medium nib and it is inked with Rohrer and Klingner Fernambuk.

Today’s thought is inspired by American economist, William Raduchel.




The pen is with conical shaped steel nib and it writes wet. I am really thankful to Ravi of Pens Point for arranging this one for me.






Have you been bitten by Parker bug or not ?



Vaibhav Mehandiratta

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts – 30 August 2016

  1. Aditya says:

    Hi Vaibhav,

    I discovered your blog a couple of days ago and have gone through most of your posts related to pen and ink reviews; and have been quite impressed..

    I have used fountain pens exclusively throughout my school days (well, except for exams). I have so far only used eye-dropper pens that were available in local stationery shops at that time.. Then the shops stopped selling fountain pens and its nibs and I had to resort to using ball point pens for everyday writing like everyone else.

    Nowadays, for work, pen is only used by me for signatures. But I have started hobby writing and want to once again use fountain pens.. And thankfully got one from my local stationery a couple of days back, which is okay for temporary use till the pens that I have ordered online arrive – platinum preppy, jinhao 599 (to test if I would like lamy safari/vista triangular grip or not) and jinhao x750.

    Sorry for the huge wall of text. Just wanted to share my story. Still with me? Great. Now, I have one of these Parker 25 (metallic silver) which my parents must have received a long time back as gift (or bought themselves to gift someone else).

    As I said before, till now I only have experience with eye-dropper fountain pens and didn’t even know about ink cartridges and converters as fountain pen concepts. This Parker 25 has a squeeze type converter in it.. I have seen videos on how to refill this converter with ink but have so far been unsuccessful. The pen writes about a page because of the effect of dipping the nib in ink and then stops. I don’t know if it is an issue with converter or it is something else. I don’t know where to go for help as fountain pens have become so rare in India. Can you please somehow help in this regard?

    One more request. I need to use Red Ink exclusively for writing purposes. I got hold of the only remaining bottle of Camlin Scarlett Red 60ml with my local shop. I like its color, but this ink has absolutely no water resistance. Can you please suggest some red ink which won’t fade away and has some water resistance? Budget inks like Camlin would be fantastic but I would go to the territory of expensive inks of required.. (I would also need lots of inks in my lifetime. I estimate using up 200ml or more every year.)

    Awaiting your reply.

    Aditya 🙂


    • mehandiratta says:

      Thank you for writing…and I am sorry for the late reply…
      Yeah in School days I initially used a lot of Eyedroppers but then we shifted to Hero Pens which were aerometric fillers…

      But once I started it as a hobby … I have found that Eyedroppers satisfy me the most apart from C/C … While piston fillers are amazing I would love to change inks quite often and therefore I prefer CC but for larger capacity and easy to clean I prefer ED pens…

      Parker 25, I have in Black color which is a LE and I absolutely adore it…I think the issue with your pen is with squeeze filler … does after writing a page is there still ink left inside the sac… ??
      If there is ink inside the sack then there is a problem with feed…

      The water resistant Red Ink I can suggest you would be either Sailor Okyu Yama or KWZI IG red… But then these are like blood Red color inks…
      Regular Red inks are not water resistant…

      good luck with your writing… stay connected….


      • Aditya says:

        Thanks Vaibhav for your reply. I knew it would come on Tuesday/Wednesday 🙂

        Regarding the Parker 25 pen, I have cleaned it with running water and the water flows nicely through the feed and nib. But when trying to refill from ink bottle using its squeeze converter, I am not sure if the ink even reaches the converter. I try squeezing the converter after refill and the ink doesn’t come out of it.

        Regarding the red ink, I just came across this reddit post which has been recently submitted: https://www.reddit.com/r/fountainpens/comments/5egjsa/klundtasaurs_inkcyclopedia_for_rfountainpens/

        I am not sure if water resistance test has actually been performed for “Sailor Storia Fire Red” ink; if the test has been performed then I haven’t seen an ink like this before. The color looks a little pinkish, but is closer to the shade of red I am looking for.

        I would go through all the inks posted in this inkcyclopedia and come back to you for help on how to purchase them 🙂


      • mehandiratta says:

        I believe there is a feed issue or squeeze converter issue… And it can be rectified.. Pens Point in Delhi will help you out in this regards..
        Oh thank you for sharing that post.. Well you have to be really careful with Storia inks.. These inks are pigment inks… And if left unattended for long time can clog pens and inks.. And damage them permanently…
        Ate article below will help you.

        And I am always available for any queries..


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