Word for Wednesday – 17 Aug 2016

The pen in rotation is ASA Patriot which I reviewed here : LINK and it is currently inked with Krishna Neelkurinhi Ink.


The word for today is : GAINSAY which means to deny or disagree and also oppose or speak against(someone)

In sentence : It is impossible to gainsay your wife’s contribution for turning a house into a home.






Vaibhav Mehandiratta


5 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday – 17 Aug 2016

  1. I absolutely love that combination! The pen looks great, understatement coupled with clean style, and the ink comes out beautifully on that paper. Wonderful choice there. Thanks for sharing!


      1. it certainly looks as if it is. 🙂 How does the ebonite feel? I’ve not yet aquired one, but I’m always curious.
        It looks amazing. A little big for my personal taste, but really good. And the matte finish as well as the engraving are great details. Congrats on that acquisition, it’s an amazing pen.


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