Pelikan Hub 2016 – India

Pelikan like last two years is again organising the Hub worldwide on September 16. Last year in India two cities were selected as Hub venue, Delhi and Mumbai.


This year also Pelikan is giving us all chance to register ourselves for Hub. Minimum 7 people are required to register city as a Hub. Last year in Delhi we had 25 plus members.

Last year there were certain goodies from Pelikan, like pen cases, Pelikan Amethyst Cartridges and few ink bottles were also distributed.


This year maximum 25 members are allowed from city. So kindly register yourself quickly at below given link.

For Delhi kindly enter city as Delhi/New Delhi. I have registered myself for Delhi.




Vaibhav Mehandiratta



6 thoughts on “Pelikan Hub 2016 – India

      1. Pelikan goodies are distributed.. Last year there was pen case for 2 Pens and amethyst ink cartridges along with Pelikan Edelstein inks for lucky winners..


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