Word for Wednesday : 29 June 2016

Today I am using the quite popular Pilot 78G – BB Stub Nib inked with Sailor Jentle OkuYama. I have eyedropper-ed this pen and ink flow is generous.

The word of the day is : Anachronism




Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Tuesday Thoughts – 28 June 2016

The thought / quote today comes from the one of the most prominent American Architect, LOUIS I. KAHN. His building displayed the Monumental characteristics.

The quote today describes the importance of nature with contrast to built structure.

The pen in rotation is beautiful blue colour Hero 616 – II which is inked with Sailor DoYou.









Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Word for Wednesday : 22 June 2016

Another Wednesday and another word for the day.

Today I am using my beautiful Gama Airborne which is inked with Rohrer & Kilngner Verdura. The nib is Ambitious and it is a wet writer eyedropper pen. This pen is an homage to Eversharp Skyline.

The word of the day is : Phlegmatic




Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Anokhi Bahi-Khata Notebook

Well there are someday when you are shopping with your wife with not so much interest. Going from one store to another  and yet she has not been able to find her perfect match for clothing. And you are dragged like anything and there is nothing which interests you and all you keep thinking in mind is : “I wish it was a stationary shop”.

Certain such instance almost happened when I was moving from one Retail store to another but hey I was not bored this time. The store that we went to was ANOKHI to shop for traditional Indian ethnic wear.  It had notebooks made out of traditional block printed cloth cover and hand sewn. I was happy 🙂 but not my wife as she did not like anything to her liking there that day.

Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook  – So this is what I came out with

ANOKHI’s origins can be traced to Jaipur and is traditional craft based  Apparel brand. Jaipur is famous for many crafts among which two famous  crafts are Blue Pottery and Hand Block Printing. The brand has essentially  revived the traditional hand block printing craft and they use vegetable dyes only. The first Anokhi store was opened in 1984 and have grown manifolds with not just stores in India but also stores in USA and also many distributors in Europe.


Hand Block Printing


So this review is about the Notebook from Anokhi which they call “Bahi-Khata” which actually means Ledger – Book in Hindi Language.






Here it is all about Design. The notebook is beautifully designed has a sewn cloth cover over a paper board. First the cloth is pasted and then sewn for giving it strength.


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Front Cover


The notebook comes with different cloth covers and patterns and has string which makes the perfect case for Journal as sometimes lot of loose paper are kept inside notebook and string takes care of that when you close it. This notebook is medium size which is equal to B5 size. Though I also saw lot of other smaller sizes also.


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Rear Cover


The front and rear cover are made of same cloth and finishing is quite nice apart from the certain niggles at the centre sewn part inside.


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Paper Torn at Joint. I will probably paste a cloth here also.


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Corner Detail – Very Neat


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – String Sew and and same string extends for wrapping around


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Bottom View


I picked this from store and it was all in display and thus there was no packing. Thus nothing much to say here.






Now the real part. As I have mentioned earlier and I believe most of us all know that the quality of paper as far as using with fountain pen is concerned is dependent on lot of parameters like ink resistance, shading, sheen, feathering, bleed-through, paper colour, smoothness or texture and few others. Few properties are also dependent with ink properties like shading and sheen.

There is a bright white thick paper when you open the notebook with Lord Ganesha imprinted.

Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – First Page



The writing paper inside  is not super white, and is just leaning a little towards grey. There is no mention of quality of paper so I have no Idea of gsm of the paper.


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook  – Writing Paper leaning towards grey colour


The paper is quite smooth and is has no texture. Love the feeling when pen touches the paper it is quite smooth.

The paper is lined  and also comes in blank page format. Really love the feel of those top two green line at top as a Header.

All pens performed really well, whether be it Italic nib or fine point nib.

Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Writing on it – Front side


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Writing on it – Rear side


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Writing on it – Close Up – 1


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Writing on it – Close Up 2


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – Writing on it – Close Up – Rear Side


As visible from above images it is quite clear that the paper has performed surprisingly really well. There is no feathering and bleed-through and even some inks like Diamine Majestic and Iroshizuku Yama Budo showed Sheen which my camera was not able to capture.

It has performed really really well. I though still feel the sewing and punching of notebook could be improved.

Performance summary is as follows:

  • Ink Resistance : High
  • Paper Texture : Smooth
  • Feathering : None
  • Bleed-through : None
  • Shading : High
  • Sheen : Medium






The B5 – Medium Size notebook with 100 pages was bought by me at MRP of Rs. 150 ( US $ 2.22 at today’s exchange rate of 1 USD = Rs. 67.47).

There is no mention of paper quality or no. of pages, though there are 100 leaves after my count.


Anokhi Bahi Khata Notebook – No mention of Paper Quality and Nos.


Though date and place of manufacturing are clearly mentioned.






I was on lookout for the Journal for a long time and this has fulfilled all my desires.

Both sides of paper can be used for writing. And all the inks and pens have performed flawlessly. I wish the paper could have been a bit brighter though and the quality of thread stitching can be improved but @Rs. 150 I should not be complaining much.

I will recommend this to all Journal lovers to at-least try one. Trust me you wont be disappointed with the paper.

Oh by the way it is not available online, only in their Retail stores.


List of Stores withing India : here

List of Stockist Outside India : here





Tuesday Thoughts – 21 June 2016

The pen in Rotation today is Worther Profil inked with KWZI Orange Ink. The pen is made of Aluminium and comes with standard medium nib which writes decently.

The thought today is all about believing in yourself, though know about the author of the same.







Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Word for Wednesday : 15 June 2016

This Wednesday I am using my new ASA TransNauka which fitted with 1.1 Black Oxide JoWo Nib and Inked with Iroshizuku Yama-Budo.


The word of the day is : LOQUACIOUS






Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Tuesday Thoughts – 14 June 2016

The thought inspiration for today comes from one of the most prolific poet of her times, Emily Dickinson.




The pen in rotation today is loaned to me by my friend Tervinder for nib grinding which is Fosfor Custom Pen with Red Bands and Bock Stahl (not so) Rot Nib. It is inked with my favourite Blue Black Ink : Edelstein Tanaznite.








Vaibhav Mehandiratta



This is the ink review after a long hiatus. I was occupied in lot of other activities and ink reviews couldn’t get my attention.

Dr. Sreekumar has been given lot of feedback for the inks from the local community and he has listened to many and therefore he has reformulated many inks like chocolate brown. His inks are now easily available in 30 ml bottles on eBay India under the brand name of KRISHNA.

These inks are sold on eBay India Page for Rs. 550 (8 USD) each for 5 Nos. 30 ml ink bottle plus shipping. Now they come in new glass bottles.

$_12 (10)
Krishn Ink – New Glass Bottle


The inks that are being produced have now increased to 35 nos. and even certain names have changed.

Krishna Inks Collage
Krishna Inks – 35 Colors


The new names are as follows:

  1. Pencil
  2. Neelambal
  3. Dark Chocolate
  4. Purple
  5. Lake Blue
  6. Vivid violet
  7. Sapphire
  8. Ruby
  9. Monsoon Sky
  10. Pink Barleria
  11. Summer Rain
  12. Silent Night Sky
  13. Bronze Leaf 
  14. Wild Cherry
  15. Pumpkin
  16. Nilwanti
  17. Cool Breeze
  18. Gold Rush
  19. Orange Crush
  20. After Dark
  21. Yellow Valley
  22. Glory Vine
  23. Dark Rose
  24. Magic Blue
  25. Orchard Lily
  26. Writer’s Night
  27. Peacock
  28. Neelkurinhi
  29. Emerald
  30. Mangal
  31. Dew Leaf
  32. Njaval
  33. Meadow Green
  34. Ghat Green
  35. Officer’s Blue Black


I would like to thank Dr. Sreekumar for sending me the samples and also for the effort that he has put in seeing the limited resources at his disposal.

This review is of Meadow Green which is a bright parrot green colour. The colour is nice and can be used as highlighter ink or some artistic work. I will not use it for writing though.

Krishna Ink – Meadow Green






Krishna Meadow Green – Ink Splash on JK Cedar 100gsm

This is a lovely bright green colour ink which performs best in bold nibs.






Krishna Meadow Green – Ink drop on Paper Towel






color match
Krishna Meadow Green – Colour Range






Krishna Meadow Green – Writing Sample on JK Cedar 100 gsm – Top View


Krishna Meadow Green – Writing Sample on JK Cedar 100 gsm – Side View


The ink has subtle shading property and as seen performs best in bold nibs.






Krishna Meadow Green – Ink Passes on JK Cedar – 100 gsm


Krishna Meadow Green – Ink Swab on JK Cedar – 100 gsm


Krishna Meadow Green – Ink Scribble on JK Cedar – 100 gsm






Krishna Meadow Green – Waterproof Test

The ink is not waterproof at all.






Krishna Meadow Green – Ink drying times


Ink drying times were large , close to 35 seconds.






Krishna Meadow Green – Blow up Writing Sample on JK Cedar 100 gsm






Bronze Leaf vs Yellow Valley vs Ghat Green vs Meadow Green vs Goldrush






The colour reminds me of Diamine Meadow Green or Iroshizuku Chiku Rin.  It has no feathering  and has consistent flow. It is a beautiful bright colour ink which I am sure will gather attention of lot of buyers.  This 30 ml bottle just costs less than Rs. 100.

Following are the summation of ink properties:

  • Feathering : No
  • Sheen : No
  • Shading :  Little
  • Lubrication : Moderate
  • Flow : Good
  • Water Resistance : Bad
  • Drying Times : Bad
  • Nib Creep : No
  • Clogging : None
  • Odor : None


Feedback and Comments are welcome.

The ink can be bought from the ebay store of Krishna Pens. Link is given below.



Pelikan Hub 2016 – India

Pelikan like last two years is again organising the Hub worldwide on September 16. Last year in India two cities were selected as Hub venue, Delhi and Mumbai.


This year also Pelikan is giving us all chance to register ourselves for Hub. Minimum 7 people are required to register city as a Hub. Last year in Delhi we had 25 plus members.

Last year there were certain goodies from Pelikan, like pen cases, Pelikan Amethyst Cartridges and few ink bottles were also distributed.


This year maximum 25 members are allowed from city. So kindly register yourself quickly at below given link.

For Delhi kindly enter city as Delhi/New Delhi. I have registered myself for Delhi.




Vaibhav Mehandiratta



Word for Wednesday : 08 June 2016

This will be new addition to my blog where I will start writing a random word for the Wednesday making it a weekly blog post with random Pen and Inks also.

This Wednesday I have Fosfor Custom Pen on the line of Duofold which is a Button Filler pen and is inked with Krishna Officer’s BlueBlack.

The word for this Wednesday is  : Fluky




Hope you will enjoy the series.




Vaibhav Mehandiratta


Tuesday Thoughts – 07 June 2016

The pen in rotation today is Wality 69 EB (Teal Blue Ripple Ebonite)  with custom ground fine Italic Nib. Wality 69 EB is ebonite iteration of the Wality 69 series and I have already reviewed the Acrylic model, Wality 69A. Currently it is inked with Camlin Permanent Black.

The thought of the day comes from Spiritual Leader, Swami Vivekananda. He was the major force behind revival of Hinduism in India.










Vaibhav Mehandiratta