Tuesday Thoughts – 10 May 2016

Todays thought is taken from one of the 4 Indian Vedas, The Rigveda.

The pen in rotation is TWSBI Classic with 1.1 Stub in Sapphire Color and it is inked with Sailor Jentle Souten.










Vaibhav Mehandiratta


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts – 10 May 2016

  1. Hi
    I enjoy reading your blog and the fountain pen reviews. I have been introduced to the beautiful world on Indian fountain pens because of you.

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      1. I only have one grumble… Your images are so beautiful that I sometimes feel that they exaggerate the beauty of the pens, and I feel like I should have them all 🙂
        I bought the Guider Green Acrylic based on your review… But it was a good choice. The pen actually looks as beautiful as you captured it.

        Thanks again.


      2. I was a little anxious about the nib.. But was pleasantly surprised with its smoothness. It writes amazingly and is thicker than the traditional Indian fine. The spare nib provided with it also turned out to be pretty smooth and I used the spare nib for my Wality 69EB, whose stock nib was not as good…


  2. That pen definitely fits the ink 🙂 I really like the combination.
    And the ink is beautiful. It’s on my favorite-blues-shortlist. 🙂
    As for the quote… so true. That’s why I don’t have success. 😉


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