Tuesday Thoughts – 03 May 2016

In today’s rotation I have Ratnam Tarpoda (Big Size Ebonite) inked with Krishna Cool Breeze Ink. Ratnam Pens is oldest fountain pen manufacturer and part of Swadeshi Movement in India. The nib is self grounded to medium italic and writes super smooth.

Today’s beautiful thought comes from Nobel Peace Laureate, Mother Teresa









Vaibhav Mehandiratta

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts – 03 May 2016

  1. nadinerpg says:

    That ink reminds me a lot of Kon-Peki, and any ink that manages that is great 🙂 I’d love a link to their site to have a look at the other colors sometimes. Never can know too much about various inks.
    Beautiful quote, by the way, and the pen looks good, too. Thank you for sharing.


  2. mohan m phadke says:

    vaibhav your comments are trul great & well researched would like to talk to you my cell is 09371061880 pune
    not ableto get KRISHNA color inks on EBay any other optionb ?

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