Tuesday Thoughts – 31 May 2016

Pen in rotation today is ASA Swan which I have fitted with #5 Ambitious Flex Nib. The feed from Schmidt Nib Unit Keep up with the flex nib amazingly well. The ink used is Pelikan Edlestein Amethyst. Today's Thought inspiration is from Kabir, who was an Indian poet and saint.       -- Regards … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 31 May 2016


Tuesday Thoughts – 24 May 2016

The thought comes from one of the Great American Poet and Writer, Carl Sandburg. He was winner of three Pulitzer Prizes. The pen in rotation today is Italix Parson's Essential with Broad Italic Nib and it is inked with Diamine Eau Di Nil.         -- Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta

J.K. Cedar Paper – 100 gsm

Best Paper for Fountain Pen manufactured in India

Tuesday Thoughts – 17 May 2016

Today's thought comes from one of the most influential teacher of India, Chanakya. There is Diplomatic enclave in Delhi which is named after Chanakya and is called Chanakyapuri and is one of the most prime and posh destination of India. Chanakya was the teacher, philosopher, advisor to king Changragupta and Bindusara. He played an important … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 17 May 2016

Pen Review – Ratnam Tarpoda

Classic Cigar Shaped from First Swadeshi Fountain Pen Manufacturer of India

Group Buy – Ranga Model 8

The most requested group buy for Ranga Model 8 is here.

Tuesday Thoughts – 10 May 2016

Todays thought is taken from one of the 4 Indian Vedas, The Rigveda. The pen in rotation is TWSBI Classic with 1.1 Stub in Sapphire Color and it is inked with Sailor Jentle Souten.           Regards Vaibhav Mehandiratta

Tuesday Thoughts – 03 May 2016

In today's rotation I have Ratnam Tarpoda (Big Size Ebonite) inked with Krishna Cool Breeze Ink. Ratnam Pens is oldest fountain pen manufacturer and part of Swadeshi Movement in India. The nib is self grounded to medium italic and writes super smooth. Today's beautiful thought comes from Nobel Peace Laureate, Mother Teresa         Regards … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – 03 May 2016