Saraswati Spiral Pad No. 5

Being into fountain pens you keep exploring paper which is good for fountain pen inks. In India it is difficult to get the likes of Rhodia, Clairefontaine or Tomoe River Paper Easily. So Iam always on lookout for some good paper.

This is the review of one of the spiral pad which I got from my workplace which is called Saraswati Spiral Pad No. 5, where No. 5 signifies the size which is B5.

These note pads are manufactured by MSTC (MANGAL SAIN TRILOK CHAND JAIN PVT. LTD.) and they manufacture lot of stationary items like ledger books, sketchbooks, notebooks etc. They also have a webpage : LINK





There is nothing to talk about here much as the pad has run of the mill cardboard cover with transparent pvc spiral thread.

The graphics on the main pad cover is just ordinary and looks like a shoddy job.

Saraswati Pad – Main Cover


The rear cover is plain white and is easy prone to marks thickness and quality is same as main cover. Both main cover and rear cover are laminated.

Saraswati pad – Rear Cover


As far as the spiral thread is concerned it is quite sturdy and the built quality is at par.



The quality of paper as far as using fountain pen is concerned is dependent on lot of parameters like ink resistance, shading, sheen, feathering, bleed-through, paper colour, smoothness or texture and few others. Few properties are also dependent with ink properties like shading and sheen.

To begin with there is no mention of paper quality. So I have no idea about the gsm.

As far as colour of this paper is concerned it is not super-white or even white, rather it leans into bit greyish category.

Saraswati Pad – Greyish White Paper


However its surprisingly is smooth to write on and takes easily most of the inks and pens. There is minor bleed-through which happens in case of some wet nib pens and some wet inks e.g. Pilot Custom 74 Music nib which writes very wet and also Jinaho X750.

Saraswati Pad – Writing on it 


Saraswati Pad – Writing on it – Lateral View


Saraswati Pad – Writing on it – Rear side – Lateral View


Saraswati Pad – Writing on it – Rear side – Top View


As visible from above there is more bleed-through on rear side where combination of Pilot Custom 74 with music nibs and Montblanc ink was used, similarly in case of Jinhao X750 with Edelstien Amethyst.

It is also noticeable that there is little shading on the paper  and I believe paper is not at all ink resistant and thus drying times are less.

Also I might point out that barring the writing sample of Edelstien amethyst ink there was no feathering.

Saraswati – Written Samples with Different Ink and Pens


Saraswati Pad – Written Samples with different ink – Close-up 1


Above image clearly shows no feathering and also you can see little shading in blue ink which is Kale Royal Blue.


Saraswati Pad – Written Samples with different ink – Close-up 2


In above image you can see bit of feathering with Jinhao X750 and Amethyst ink.

Performance summary is as follows:

  • Ink Resistance : Moderate
  • Paper Texture : Smooth
  • Feathering : Very Low
  • Bleed-through : Low
  • Shading : Moderate
  • Sheen : Low



The pad costed me nothing as I get this as regular supply at my workplace, however its costs around Rs. 25 ( US $0.38).

There was no mention of no. of pages or quality of paper, however when counted there were total  50 paper leaves thus making 100 writing sides.



I think the paper is worth more than every penny where I can use mostly use both sides of the paper for general use at such a low cost.

I will certainly recommend this to someone who loves to use fountain pen and want some pad for rough use which has good resistance to feathering and bleed through.



9 thoughts on “Saraswati Spiral Pad No. 5

  1. Hello Vaibhav,

    Recently I bought a Jinhao 599 (Plastic version) from a shop in Flora Fountain for ₹60, I saw this pen from ₹150 till around ₹1900 on eBay. It had little bit scratches (but unused) on its body so that’s the reason I got it for ₹60. I filled this pen with Parker Quink blue and it wrote nicely. I just used it for one day, next day one of my batchmates saw it and asked me if I could get one for him. So the same day at night I cleaned that pen, bought Camel permanent black, wrapped it in a box and gifted him the next day. The next day he brought that pen filled with the black ink which I gave him and he showed me his writing I noticed that there were skips in between along with the ink flow being inconsistent, sometimes the ink was light black sometimes dark black. I cleaned that pen very well, left it for one hour under fan so it could dry properly and then wrapped it. So I don’t understand why does that pen writes like that?

    My friend returned my Baoer Eight horses back (since his vacation is going on) so I cleaned that pen (it was filled with Camel blue ink earlier), left it for some time and filled it with Camel Permanent Black ink and noticed that the same thing happened with this pen. The ink flow was inconsistent and my writing was dark and sometimes light. See the image below. I bought both Camel Permanent Black from 2 different shops. So do you know how can I fix this problem and make both my friend and my pen write darkly (its original colour).

    Check these images. I wrote the Sherlock Holmes para now. (Upper paragraph in Baoer Eight Horses Camel Permanent Black ink.) If you zoom in the upper para (black ink para) you can see light letters along with dark letters in between.

    The one below is written using Hero 343B with Parker Quink Blue ink.

    The writing in second image was written at my institute in morning, and if you zoom in, you can clearly see skips in between.

    So my question is how can I make these pens to write consistently along with a same dark shade of black.

    Sorry for the long post, but I don’t know how to explain this in short.

    Thank you for reading this tiresome post.



    1. you need to clean the feed and see if you can use the brass shims in between the tines…Skipping happens if there is inconsistent ink supply… check feed for any blockage…
      widening the nib for more flow will help only if feed has generous supply….

      these kind of problems are hit and miss with Chinese Cheap Pens


  2. Greetings Vaibhav,

    I was browsing fountain pens on Aliexpress today and saw Lamy Vista for $10. I didn’t knew that Aliexpress had German pens so I searched for Safari and the lowest I got was for $7.70 (₹511.46) along with free shipping! Apsara pens sell it at ₹1,900. I checked Aliexpress’s Safari review, there are a few negative reviews but majority is positive and some of them have also uploaded photos. They send it along with original packaging. What are your thoughts on Aliexpress?



    1. I suggest you to refrain from buying lamy from aliexpress.. Lamy safari is most copied pen.. So i recommend not to buy it.. Instead buy from lamy authorized sellers… Like Fontoplumo or LCC


      1. Ahhh, after researching for a while I found out that there are many fake Lamy copies which are sold even on Amazon and eBay and they imitate Safari, Al-Star and Vista very well. Aliexpress also sell Parker pens below half prices. It’s difficult to differentiate between a legit and fake without close observation. So I assume that Aliexpress is good for cheap Chinese fountain pens.

        After knowing that a separate purchase is required for the Lamy Z24 converter I won’t be buying a Lamy soon. However, I am excited to try a TWSBI (maybe Eco), soon enough.

        You have my thanks.

        – Brian


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