Tuesday Thoughts – 12 April 2016

The Pen in rotation is Pilot Non Self Filling Fountain Pen also known as Pilot Tank. It is an eyedropper and actually can take Con-20 converter. And it is inked with Sailor Jentle Shigure.

Today’s inspiration comes from one of the foremost Architect of America during his time, Louis I. Kahn. He was also the Architect of famous management Institute of India, IIM-Ahmedabad.





Vaibhav Mehandiratta


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts – 12 April 2016

  1. Greetings Vaibhav,
    Can you please tell me that what is a stub italic, cursive italic and crisp italic and oblique nib? And if possible with any images of nibs?

    Thank you.



  2. The comment is true for all design work. At the beginning is nothing… but an intention. Designing needs numbers, the non-dimensional must be brought into the three dimensional. The result, through its uniqueness and lasting is beyond what can be measured.


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