Tuesday Thoughts – 05 April 2016

The pen in rotation today Ranga Zeal in Matte finish Red-Yellow Ripple ebonite with Matte finish Acrylic. Using the same inked with Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo.

And inspiration for today comes from one of the most iconic Architect of our times, Zaha Hadid. She was the first woman to win Pritzker Award.








Vaibhav Mehandiratta

26 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts – 05 April 2016

  1. sparathespaniard says:

    I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this quote, it really portrays why Zaha Hadid’s legacy is so important to young female/minority architects. I recently wrote an article about her, too. She’s such an inspiration.


  2. nadinerpg says:

    My, that ink is gorgeous. And I’m not usually one for purples… My “to try” list is growing and growing…
    As to when it comes to paper, I recently discovered Fabriano for myself. They have a gorgeous cream-colored paper, which is extremely fountain-pen friendly. They’re made in Italy, so I can’t quite tell you if they are available in India, though. Though I expect the internet makes everything possible.
    Since I just started out blogging, I got a ton of backlog of things I need to get up, but I’ll do a paper review sometimes soon on it. Good luck on the Rhodia, though. My personal favorite.


  3. Brian says:

    I was searching eBay and got Jinhao’s 599A (Lamy Safari Copies). I searched for this pen’s reviews and this pen is good according to the multiple reviews that I have read. And this pen costs just ₹299 for 3 and ₹1,299 for 15, comes with a converter, is a medium nib but they say writes more like a western fine. I have got to try these.



    After checking your Pelikan’s price I suddenly re-realised (don’t know if it’s a word) that fountain pen collection is an expensive hobby. Do you have any monthly budget I mean any set amount for spending on fountain pens and inks, etc?



    • mehandiratta says:

      With Jinhao pens it’s always hit and miss.. I got Jinhao 599 with Medium Nib.. Which used to write dry.. Had to widen the feed channel..
      Even though they are steal at the price..
      But still I would rate inexpensive pilots better than those Jinhao anyday..
      And yes I have got monthly pen budget..


  4. Brian says:

    Greetings Vaibhav,
    Nice thought. I noticed that your pen’s nib is a bit stained. After inking up a pen do you use tissue paper or cotton cloth to wipe it’s nib? I have also noticed that you use JK Cedar 100 GSM paper most of the time, why so? Since many swear by Rhodia.

    Recently I gave my Baoer 8 horses to a friend since his handwriting is very bad, he scribbles on paper 😛 So I said him to use my fountain pen to improve his handwriting and save some money since he uses ball and gel pens. He asked me if he can write his exam with a single refill I replied him affirmatively. But he didn’t believe and so he used my pen in his examination and after completing the whole paper there was still much ink left. He didn’t believed that there was still much ink left. Haha. His handwriting is also greatly improved and can be read by humans now. And so I have converted him to a fountain pen user.

    Now I just have Hero fountain pens (the hooded ones 330,343W & 343B). But I don’t enjoy that pen much like I used to enjoy it in school times. The hidden nib doesn’t give me the feel of a real fountain pen. So I was searching for some economic (around ₹500) fountain pens for taking notes while I am in my institute. There’s Platinum preppy which costs ₹400, but doesn’t have a converter and the converter itself is costlier than the pen. Then VFM (Vibrant Fun Modern) by Sheaffer which costs around ₹750 (a bit expensive for me), but that pen only uses proprietary cartridges. I am going to buy some Metropolitans after I complete my diploma and get a job (May, 2016). Until then I need a good budget pen for regular usage. Since you are a pen connoisseur and have good knowledge about pens and you are an Indian, can you please suggest me a fountain pen? A pen with a built-in converter, fine or extra fine nib since my handwriting is small and my handwriting looks much better in fine rather than a medium, and around ₹500. Does any pen comes to your mind?

    Thank you in advance and sorry for the large “WALL OF TEXT”.



      • Brian says:

        Hello Mrigank,
        Well I won’t try to pronounce your name. 😛 Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely try it. I am not sure about Rhodia paper, but notebooks are available online. I use Classmate and Camlin Kokuyo notebooks, both work well for me. I have also used Blitz Matrix, they use low quality paper and ink spreads (feathering). Never heard of “Nightingale” before, will try it for sure.



    • mehandiratta says:

      Loved the large wall of text…
      I love these long replies..

      First of all the Nib is stained knowingly.. Wanted ink to be on the Nib so did not wipe it off.. Secondly jk cedar is one of the best paper available in India… And it can cope up with majority of inks.. Only Edelstein inks used in broad nib give trouble.. Lastly rhodia I am getting soon from Netherlands.. Bought it from fontoplumo.nl …

      Yes I agree with you that the one fill of converter will be able to write 10 to 12 pages..
      As far as hooded nibs are concerned they have their own charm.. I love my Parker 51, hero 100, hero 336.. A lot…

      One good fountain pen with fine nib I can recommend you is pilot 78g.. You will get that for around 500 with converter.. More upgraded version of the same is pilot tank aka non self filling pen which will set you back by 600 to 700 rupees.. They have same nibs and feed as used in Pilot metropolitan..


      • Brian l says:

        After flushing a pen, do you use tissue paper or cotton cloth to wipe the nib? I like to clean my nibs after every refill IMO nibs look much better when they are stainless, but each to his own. Some say that a cloth can damage your nib (make it rough).

        I searched for Pilot 78G on eBay, Amazon and Google but didn’t get it. It seems that it’s production has been discontinued but I am not sure. I got a Pilot Tank for ₹800 on Amazon, that pen hasn’t got the looks and I think that investing ₹200 more and getting a Metropolitan would be a better idea.

        I checked the price for Pilot custom 74 and heritage 92 and Capless (Vanishing Point), all of them are around ₹10, 000. Did you spent ₹30,000 for three pens? :O What’s the most expensive pen that you own and the most expensive that you have used?



      • mehandiratta says:

        I use paper napkin to wipe off excessive ink…
        You can buy 78g or pilot tank.. From Ravi at Pens Point.. Ansal Plaza…
        If you want more girth.. Take 78g…
        Trust me these are beautiful writing no nonsense pens and they can be used as eyedropper also.. I love pilot tank.. You will get that for 600 from Ravi who runs the Pens Point at Ansal Plaza..
        He can be approached via whatsapp or telegram also… If you don’t like calling him…


    • Rohan Sinha says:

      The Bilt people seems to use some unholy treatment and bleaching to make their paper white.
      I buy their Cream (Light yellow, really) 80gsm Matrix series paper and get them spiral bound them or hand bind them myself (a hobby which goes well with fountain pens).
      Otherwise, the only usable pre-bound notebook I’ve found is the ITC Paperkraft wiro-bound series. Their availability seems to be inconsistent, though never completely absent. Haven’t seen their loose paper in the places I’ve looked for years, otherwise their general purpose paper might do well enough to warrant getting them bound yourself.

      Also, I’ve found the Daytone inks to be great for using in Examinations, with it not feathering to any noticeable amount even in the rags which pose as papers in most Indian State Universities and schools.


      • Rohan Sinha says:

        Hey! These also come in A3. Nice. Didn’t know that.
        Next time, I’ll just signature bind them instead of getting them spiral or wiro bound. (On a side note, book binding is an excellent hobby to have alongside fountain pen.)

        Do you know whether they come in Pale yellow as well? I find it more comforting to read for hours on end.


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