Ratnamson Catalogue

I have received numerous inquiries from lot of people about where to buy Ratnamson Pen. So I decided to list the catalogue on my blog which was available with me and shared in person from Ratnam Ball Pen Works.

Ratnamson is a brand name of Ratnam Ball pen works. There is other brand by the name of Ratnam which is owned by Ratnam Pen Works. As far as I know Ratnam Pen works is an original parent company which got split into two and thus Ratnamson came into existence. And both the companies produce some good quality pens.


They can be approached through following medium :


Below are the few images which contain the catalogue for buying Ratnamson Pens


Ratnamson Address – Manufacturer of Gold plated and Silver Pens


Ratnam Ball Pen Works – Silver Ball Pens


Ratnamson – List of Fountain Pens


Ratnamson Catalogue – Page 1 – Pen List


Ratnamson Catalogue – Page 2 – Price List


I have also reviewed the Ratnamson 302

Ratnamson 302 - Uncapped


I hope this helps lot of people.

35 thoughts on “Ratnamson Catalogue

  1. Thanks for penning such anice article about Ratnam and sons; I saw a video on WhatsApp about them ; it was a documentary by BBC and got to learn about them. Inspite of being a fountain pen lover I never knew such a company existed. I will get in touch with them to buy myself some pens.

    Thank You so much once again.


  2. Hi Sir, We are from Govt of Andhra Pradesh, developing ‘small scale industries manufacturing’ (MSME) clusters under economic city zone concept. One of the products chosen is writing instruments. We would like to contact your MANUFACTURING association if any to discuss on your industry participation.

    For details you may please call me on 7893801089 / 0866-2527734.

    Thanking you,
    S.P. Koteswara Rao
    GM- Economic Cities
    Andhra Pradesh Economic Cities Promotion & Development Corporation Ltd
    4th Floor, NTR Administrative Block, Pandit Nehru Bus Station, Vijayawada-520013


  3. They will sell abroad but they are poor on communication, emails etc. Their main craftsman is well into his 80s so I can understand. I contacted them via the Ratnam Ball Pen facebook page (run by the nephew) and followed up with phone calls. The old man speaks English the other staff no. I paid by bank transfer for a little 15 with 14k nib: well worth tye hassle as it is a lovely little pen. Patience and perseverence is the key if you want a Ratnamson.

    Liked by 1 person

    • True.
      To add further, the landline mentioned doesn’t work, could trace 2 mobile nos which are not attended or responded.But the nos are in Whatsapp, Telegram but not replied back. Not sure how they do business outside Rajhamundry.


      • Actually first of all language is the problem…
        and the new generation is not keen on making pens or for the matter of fact keen to learn the ew tricks of the trade…


  4. Hi I want to order 2 Supremes and 2 No 302. Am based in Dubai. What is the process of placing the order. Will they deliver it to Dubai?


    • Despite the company’s great history and reputation, despite their pen’s impeccable designs and quality, I’ve resigned myself to never having one as I do not live in India. I’ve read too many stories about their lack of customer service (at least through electronic means) and would rather deal with others such as ASA Pens which are glad to do business over the Internet or Whatsapp instead of dealing with the potential heartache and frustration.

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  5. Hi Vaibhav,
    Really nice blog. I really enjoyed reading through the various pen reviews. I have a question. Are these prices current? Also, any idea about how much a Supreme and 302, each with gold nib cost?
    Thank you,


  6. Hello Vaibhav!
    I’ve been visiting your blog recently and am really liking your reviews. This post has prompted me to contact Ratnam Ballpen Works via email in regards to purchasing a Model 302. However, I haven’t heard a response in a week. I’m wondering if you would know an alternate method of contacting them? Whatsapp number perhaps?


  7. Is there any pen shop in Visakhapatnam selling Ratnam pens. I need their address immediately as I am on a business trip to Visakhapatnam and will be leaving for Chennai tomorrow. Please help me.


  8. Vaibhav thanks for sharing the catalogue. I own three Ratnam pens and my favourite is the Supreme model which is a joy to write with. It would be good to let people know that the No 42 model is with a gold nib only while the other models have the regular steel nibs.


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