Recently I received few  Ink bottles from one of my friend from Indore and they are Daytone Fountain Pen Ink. Daytone Inks are manufactured by Daylight industries and they are in to ink manufacturing since 1956. More information can be found about the company here : Daytone Webpage

Apart from Inks they manufacture lot of other stationary items. But this review is about one of the fountain pen inks that they manufacture.

The inks that they manufacture ( 8 Nos.) are as follows:

  1. Blue Black
  2. Emerald Green
  3. Brilliant Red
  4. Crimson
  5. Turquoise Blue
  6. Deep Black
  7. Royal Blue
  8. Bright Violet
  9. Brown (In Process)

My earlier Ink reviews are listed as below:


Also I would like to add that I got the inks as a gift from one of my friend and fountain pen enthusiast, Ricky Bhasin.

This review is about BLUE-BLACK ink from Daytone.


Daytone 1.jpg

Daytone BlueBlack


Daytone BlueBlack comes in 60 ml plastic bottles and are priced at Rs. 20 Each (Indian Rupees). I found out that the ink is more of dark blue rather than blue black. It certainly is bit darker than Bril Royal Blue. But I was expecting something else from BlueBlack Ink.


Daytone 2.jpg

Daytone Ink Splash on JK Cedar -100 gsm – Top View


There is negligible sheen in this ink even if there is some massive ink pools on paper.




Daytone 6

Daytone Blue-Black – Ink Drop


Daytone 7

Daytone Blue Black – Color Range




Daytone 3

Daytone Blue Black – Writing sample on Tomoe River Cream Paper

Daytone 4

Daytone Blue Black – Writing sample on JK Cedar 100 gsm White Paper

Daytone 5

Daytone Blue Black – Writing sample on Bilt Matrix 70 gsm Off White Paper



Daytone 8

Daytone Blue Black – Ink Swabs on Tomoe River Paper (Top – 3 Swabs, Middle – 2 Swabs, Bottom – 1 Swab)


Daytone 9

Daytone Blue Black – Ink Swabs on JK Cedar 100 gsm Paper (Top – 3 Swabs, Middle – 2 Swabs, Bottom – 1 Swab)


Daytone 10

Daytone Blue Black – Ink Swabs on BILT Matrix 70 gsm Paper (Top – 3 Swabs, Middle – 2 Swabs, Bottom – 1 Swab)





Daytone 18

Daytone Blue Black – Pen Scribble on JK Cedar 100 gsm Paper


The ink flow is smooth and the ink looks bit faded for blue black.



The ink was quite water resistant and it was pretty mush clear and visible even after running it under tap water for 5 min and then keeping it in water container for another 5 more minutes. I must say I am pretty impressed with this property of the ink.

Daytone 11

Daytone Blue Black – Under tap Water


Daytone 12

Daytone Blue Black – After Waterproof Test





Daytone 14

Daytone Blue Black – Chromatography


Only single colour shows in chromatography test.




Ink drying times were tested on the Bilt Matrix paper and pen used was Jinhao 165.


Daytone 13

Daytone Blue Black – Ink Drying Test







Daytone 15

Daytone Blue Black – Writing sample on Tomoe River – Blown Up


Daytone 16

Daytone Blue Black – Writing sample on JK Cedar – Blown Up


Daytone 17

Daytone Blue Black – Writing sample on Bilt Matrix – Blown Up


Close up Pictures show that there is no shading and also no sheen and also no feathering.




I don’t like this blue black ink too much but it has good water resistance.

My always goto blue black ink is Edelstien Tanzanite or Pilot Blue Black.

Manufacturer must take note of the fact that this ink needs to have more black character.

Following are the summation of ink properties:

  • Feathering : No
  • Sheen : No
  • Shading : No
  • Lubrication : Acceptable
  • Flow : Good
  • Water Resistance : Good
  • Drying Times : Medium




  1. Roy says:

    Nice review. Am new to fountain pens and inks and have a doubt. On Amazon, this ink is available as a pack of two (500 mL each) for Rs.300. Seems really economical for the price. But, 1 Ltr seems to be a huge amount. I will be doing a decent amount of writing and have a fine nib pen. I don’t want to write with the same ink for 10-20 years and am unaware of the shelf life of this ink. My concern is how long will the bottles last?


  2. Sanjay Dutt Sharma says:

    How amazing is the Ink world and the brands that produces those,besides some very famous pen brands,the mainly ink brands like Noodlers,J.Her nine,Private Reserve,Hinggis and others from around the world,but unfortunately there is no Indian brand Not in pens but also in ink to make us proud.Chelpark the once a leader and reputed brand vanished all of a sudden and only came to know about Bril within last six months.Only Camil is available freely in the northern markets and once so famous Weldon ink seems to be out of the market.
    I recently bought Daytone assorted pack online from amazon and only came to know that they are in business since 1956 and I would like to appreciate them for producing not only two or three buy Fifteen ink colours.My best wishes to prosper their business,keep going on to make ink world more colourful.
    I as an Indian want to see at least some Indian brands to feel us proud.
    Anyone with ink formulas Could contact me for avenues.


    • mehandiratta says:

      These days Krishna Inks is good option.. And also now Bril can be bought online..
      Daytone is from Indore and is equally good.. But the quality of the inks made in India is not comparable with what we have in international market.. I consider Japanese inks as the best amongst the lot..


  3. ajay says:

    Excellent review. Detailed and covered almost all aspects of the ink.
    Is this ink fadeproof? Comparing to Camlin and Bril, which fade totally invisible under sunlight, how does this ink perform?


  4. Asad says:

    Nice review Sir!!
    Can you please review Daytone Turquoise Blue as well..
    Also which one is better among Bril, Camlin, Chelpark, Daytone and Quink (for Royal Blue ink).


  5. Noushad says:

    Hello Sir,
    your review is simply awesome
    i want a complete review about “Daytone Deep Black”
    because i want to buy it
    my question is that ink is ‘Water Resistance’ or ‘Good’ or ‘Not’


    • fp says:

      i have the daytone deep black and though the ink is cheap ,it is not really deep black but more of a grey
      the daytone dark grey is interesting it is like a dark blue black ink like the noodlers 54th Massachusetts (refer to youtube vids)
      and the daytone blue black is like a really dark blue and not blue black
      if you want a cheap yet good black you could go for the parker quink which is just a bit expensive
      but if you want a water resistant black ,you should go for the pilot black ink, though its a bit expensive
      daytone deep black is also pretty resistant too but is greyish in colour
      in verdict if you want a good black you should probably go for the parker quink black


  6. Nikhil Parmar says:

    Awesome Review Sir,
    How much will you rate this when compared to Camlin and Bril. I see a heavy discount on 1000ml on snapdeal, just 253+30shipping. Is it worth buying. And sir if possible, pls review Daytone’s other colors.
    I just ordered a HUGE order from Bril, your review helped me in finalizing.
    Jai Hind.


  7. DiCHi93 says:

    I’ll surely buy a couple of bottles of this stuff. Cannot classify it as a good ink, but will come in handy for taking notes(upon which I tend to spill coffee very often)


  8. Amarjit Singh says:

    Personally i don’t give much importance to the name, but still it is waterproof ink then i would surely buy it. Checked their website and no option to buy online.

    Nice Review of the Ink. Thanks


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