Group Buy – Ranga Model 5 (Varuna Gajendra)

Dear All

After the successful group buy of RANGA BAMBOO MODEL & RANGA MODEL 4C & Model 3

This is a group buy effort for the Group Buy – Ranga Model 5  (also famous by VARUNA GAJENDRA) which will be available only till 25th December.

We already have reached the minimum orders. So you can buy the pen straight away. Kindly reply me on the post below or email me at

Details of the pen in Four options are as below:

Ranga Model 5 (Eyedropper Version) 
The dimension is 7 inches length. the dia is 17mm or 18.75mm dia

  • Finish – Polished or Matte (Bakul)
  • Option – flat end or Round end
  • Nib Option :Ambitious 35 mm Fine Nib, upgrade to Ambitious 40 mm Gold Tone Nib at extra US $ 3, or  Bock (With Conklin imprinted) M or B at extra US $ 8.
  • Default settings: Ambitious Gold Color monotone F nib
  • Shipping: Included and is through Registered Post. Takes 2 – 4 weeks for delivery. Price includes shipping
  • Payment: Via Paypal to paypal account

Ranga Model 5 (Cartridge/Converter Version with German Nib Units)

  • Finish – Polished or Matte (Bakul)
  • Nib Option : JoWo Nibs ​​/ Schmidt Nibs
  • Converter : Schmidt K5 Converter
  • JoWo Nibs options :
    • Gold Color Mono tone F, M or B nib
    • Dual Tone F, M, B, 1.5 Calligraphy Nib
    • Chrome Mono Tone F, M, B Nib
  • Schmidt Nib options:
    • Gold Color monotone F, M, or B
    • Chrome (Silver) Finish Monotone F,M & B.
  • Default settings:  Schmidt Gold Colored monotone F nib
  • Shipping: Included and is through Registered Post. Takes 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.Includes worldwide shipping
  • Payment: Via Paypal to paypal account


  • Color Available :  Regular Ebonite (as per images below)
  • ​Mottled Brown
  • Mottled Green
  • Black Polished
  • Black Matte
  • Clear acrylic / Matte Acrylic (Matte from internal side)
  • Brown Ripple
  • Green Ripple
  • Olive Ripple
  • Yellow Ripple (Not Available)
  • Pink or Burgundy Ripple
  • Blue Ripple (Not Available)
  • Olive with pink ripple and black specs










  • Premium Colors Available : Premium Ebonite (as per image below)
  • ​Solid Blue
  • Yellow/Black Swirls
  • Blue/Pink Swirls
  • Solid Green
  • Blue/White Swirls
  • Red/Black Swirls
  • Yellow/Green Swirls
  • Solid Pink
  • Blue/Green/Orange Swirls
  • Solid Orange


Please note that the Group Buy (Discounted) International prices are as below:

Eyedropper Normal ebonite – 37 USD (Regular Price is US $ 50 to US $ 60)
Eyedropper Premium Ebonite – 55 USD (Regular Price is US $ 70)

German nib Normal ebonite – 65 USD (Regular Price is US $ 85 to US $ 93)
German nib Premium ebonite – 85 USD (Regular Price is US $ 108)

These are the great offers as compared to previous group buys. I have negotiated with Mr. Kandan for more discounts.
Secondly these pens are all handmade.



Below are the few customer images:










3 thoughts on “Group Buy – Ranga Model 5 (Varuna Gajendra)

  1. I was interested in the pen with the clear polished end and the opaque clear barrel. The picture is included in the Ranga 5 group buy which I missed as I am only now aware of your site. Do you know where i might purchase this pen or the model name?


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