Pelikan Hub 2015 : New Delhi & Mumbai


Pelikan has this year selected two cities in India as Pelikan Hub. 

New Delhi being a new entrant and also Mumbai being the other.

Pelikan Hub is meet where all are welcomed and it happens all around the world on the same date, making it one of a kind of a event.

And an amazing initiative by none other than my favorite pen manufacturer PELIKAN.

I am glad that pelikan has chosen me hubmaster for New Delhi this time.

All the interested people are welcome to the event. And pelikan sponsors certain gifts to all the participants.

For that each interested person has to register by clicking on the link : PELIKAN HUB

So that Pelikan as an organization can make necessary arrangements for the gifts. All pen lovers are welcomed and invited.

Request all in India to goto link and register for either of the cities before 30th July.

Date : 25th September

Venue : To be Decided


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