ASA SNIPER – Group Buy

ASA Pens is selling first of its kind ebonite/acrylic hooded nib pen. Which he calls SNIPER. It all started as a initiative by few members of fountain pen network to get a customized pen as a group buy in which we succeeded. The link  for fountain pen network group buy is here link Below are … Continue reading ASA SNIPER – Group Buy


Pen Review – Jinhao 886 (Colorful Cute Bullet)

I am amazed by the n number of  inexpensive pens without the compromise on quality front from major of the Chinese pen manufacturers especially Hero and Jinhao.... There are other expensive Chinese pen also there with the likes of duke, kaigelu.... Recently i got hold of lot of Jinhao pens which I will be reviewing … Continue reading Pen Review – Jinhao 886 (Colorful Cute Bullet)

Pen Review – Hero 336 (Hooded Nib)

Over the period of past 4-5 months i have started collecting Chinese Fountain pens which i will be reviewing one by one. This review is about the pen which was recommended to me by Mr. Subramaniam of ASA Pens after i have collected lot of Chinese Fountain Pens from local market of Old Delhi (Nai Sadak … Continue reading Pen Review – Hero 336 (Hooded Nib)

Pen Review : Click Tulip Piston Filler Fountain Pen

Unique Pens recently came out with new fountain pen which is a quite subtle design. I quickly grabbed the pen as soon as Mr. Subramanian of ASA Pens shared the image of the same with me. Below is my review of the pen which i have been using for past 2 weeks. Design & Built: I purely … Continue reading Pen Review : Click Tulip Piston Filler Fountain Pen

Pen Review – ASA I.CAN (Beyond bang for buck)

Out of my recent acquisitions of 5 pens, the pen i am reviewing today is one of the new introductions by ASA Pens which adds to the growing list of their lineup. DESIGN: The pen is a quite long comparable to likes of Gama Kuyil and also it seems to be inspired from Gama Kuyil … Continue reading Pen Review – ASA I.CAN (Beyond bang for buck)