Pen Review – ASA Galactic Jumbo Demonstrator

ASA - Galactic Jumbo Demonstrator
ASA – Galactic Jumbo Demonstrator

ASA – Galactic was my first demonstrator. I never liked the demonstrators but i decided to go ahead with the purchase and amazingly I was the first one to buy this. Following is my review of the pen.

Design & Build:

My first demonstrator is a jumbo sized pen which has a fogged finish. The pen looks like what it is named “Galactic”

The real beauty comes out when you ink up this pen. Aaaaah so beautiful. I have suddenly started liking the demonstrators. The pen is beautifully engraved with company logo on the barrel and also my name is engraved on the cap (Special thanks to Mr. Subramaniam). Made out of acrylic the barrel is in fog finish with crystal clear bottom and screw in crystal top at the cap.

Filled with ink.
Filled with ink.
Uncapped Pen with Stock Nib
Uncapped Pen with my Name engraved on Cap

The grip section is again made of acrylic resin and i love the way the it shows ink spread out unevenly. It has a big nib which complements the pen perfectly.

Clear Crystal Top and Bottom
Clear Crystal Top and Bottom

Built wise i believe it needs certain care as this is a acrylic pen.


The pen is light weight for the jumbo sized pen. And it feels really handy without the cap posted at the back. Also if the cap is posted it makes the pen massively large. I like the writing with  the pens without the cap being posted  and i believe the it is perfectly balanced.

Jumbo Sized Pen - Perfectly Balanced
Jumbo Sized Pen – Perfectly Balanced


Nib & Ink Filling Mechanism :

The nib is a stock F nib which writes more towards the medium size and from what i heard is made in Taiwan {Edit : The Nib is Indian ambitious nib}. Believe me this nib writes very well. If not better than Bock nibs this is at par with them.

Beautifully carved made in Taiwan "F" Nib
Beautifully carved made in Taiwan “F” Nib
Feed is made of ebonite
Feed is made of ebonite

The ink filling mechanism is an eyedropper which is the only way to do justice to the pen. Since it is a jumbo pen it hold quantum of ink, hence its a long runner.


Bottom-line :

The pen is a must buy for the ones who love demonstrators and also for the ones who have never used the demonstrators.

No complaints, no issues with this pen.

Also Please see the below my hand written review:




26 thoughts on “Pen Review – ASA Galactic Jumbo Demonstrator

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog, absolutely overwhelmed with amount of information your have patiently put together. I Big thanks to make me think beyond Lamy and Sheaffer. I am contemplating buying a few pens following your reviews. ASA Galactic and I Can are top priorities. I saw on ASApens website that Galactic has an option of “ASA B nib Polished Chrome”. I prefer broad, wet nib. So is this a good option or I try to upgrade to JoWo B nib? I’ll be delighted to hear any suggestions. Thank you.


  2. Hi, wonderful reviews!
    I want to buy one of ASA Galactic and Giant Bamboo from Ranga Pens in India.
    Can you please help me with it.


  3. Hi Mehandiratta
    m a newbie to fountain pen. Just wanted to know the nib size. i currently use Lamy Safari F and happy with the performance. which nib size do you suggest to get close to Lamy Safari F for Galatic? should i opt for the stock or go for the German M. i also Salior highace F, but its too thin and scratchy for my liking.


  4. Vaibhav,
    This is a great review. I would like to know where you can buy Italic nibs in India and do recommend a particular brand if any.



  5. Nice Pen, I have bought it, Used it, Liked it and vouch for it … your review has been helpful to take a decision on buying this pen. However, my Pen had a different logo, the ASA must have changed the logo of late, it has not changed or hampered the liking towards the pen. It is a Honest Review I must say, unbiased and have felt the same way as you have noted down in your review during my use. Thanks, Great Job Vibhav keep it up


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