Pen Review : Jinhao 156

This review is probably late for a a pen which i procured 3 months back.

I bought this pen the moment i took a look at it. It looks fabulous as you can see from the image below. Its a beautiful looking shiny silver chrome plated metal pen with a slim and slender profile.

Jinhao 156Design :
The pen is quite sleek which is rounded at the bottom and the cap is fitted with metal clip which is finished in the matte silver finish. The pen comes in two finished stainless steel finish and black shiny finish. The grip section is finished in the matte sliver finish with the rings engraved.


The pen operates via a converter filling mechanism which is sub standard in quality.


The center-band (bottom of the cap) is finished in matte silver finish which displays the name of the brand and pen.6

The cap comes with the good spring clip and inner cap lining which is made out of cheep plastic and came out once or twice which then i had to glue to the cap.


The silver stainless steel finish is easily prone to smudges but still looks amazing. The balance of pen is not that well when we post the cap, however it feels very amazing when writing without the cap. Fits my small hands perfectly. It will be good for people with small hands and actually lot of ladies will like the pen for size and looks.

JInhao 156 - Broken Down
JInhao 156 – Broken Down


The nib is steel M, marked 18 KGP comes with beautiful carving. Its  monotone silver finish. The nib however is a disappointment when it comes to writing.

Medium Nib - Marked 18KGP

Jinhao 156 - Nib & Feed

It did not glide through like my other Jinhao pens, rather i had to apply some pressure to write. Even after some fine tuning i was not happy with the performance of a nib. Feed is made of the plastic.


  1. Great Stainless Steel Finish
  2. Sleek and Slender
  3. Low Cost


  1. Poor inner lining plastic cap
  2. Bad Nib
  3. Cheap quality converter

Below is my hand written review in detail for further reference.

New Doc 1_1New Doc 1_2

Bottom line: 

Can be avoided certainly


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