Pen Review : Gama Airborne

The pen I'm about to review to review always amazed me by the looks.  However i always Google about the pen before buying any pen...  But to my surprise this pen was never reviewed in detail,  so I decided to go ahead and thought about purchasing the same... (Edit : It has been reviewed by … Continue reading Pen Review : Gama Airborne


Pen Review – ASA Galactic Jumbo Demonstrator

ASA - Galactic was my first demonstrator. I never liked the demonstrators but i decided to go ahead with the purchase and amazingly I was the first one to buy this. Following is my review of the pen. Design & Build: My first demonstrator is a jumbo sized pen which has a fogged finish. The … Continue reading Pen Review – ASA Galactic Jumbo Demonstrator

Pen Review : Jinhao 1200 – The Golden Dragon

I purchased a pen long time back along with Jinhao 156 on insistence of my wife, yeah there are certain things in life you cant say no to. The pen is Golden Dragon - "Jinhao 1200". I am actually very happy with the pen that i bought for Rs. 350 ( US $6) only thing … Continue reading Pen Review : Jinhao 1200 – The Golden Dragon

Pen Review : Jinhao 156

This review is probably late for a a pen which i procured 3 months back. I bought this pen the moment i took a look at it. It looks fabulous as you can see from the image below. Its a beautiful looking shiny silver chrome plated metal pen with a slim and slender profile. Design … Continue reading Pen Review : Jinhao 156